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Feature Article A HardwareZone PlayTest Event with LG's LA9700 4K TV & EA9800 Curved OLED TV

You thought your 1080p TV looks good, but wait till you see the picture quality of a 4K ultra-HD TV. That said, is 4K for everyone? And what exactly is this OLED technology that you've been coming across on websites and magazines recently? Well, these are just some of the questions answered in our recent PlayTest event which we teamed up with South Korean TV maker LG. Find out what took place!

Review LG PD233 Pocket Photo Printer - Printing from Your Smartphone

It's easy to share images with friends online with the help of social media networks. But how about printing images from your smartphone quickly and easily? The LG Pocket Photo printer is here to make that happen and we gave it a test run.

Review First Looks: LG 65-inch LA9700 Ultra HD TV

LG has unveiled a new Ultra HD TV in the shape of the 65-inch LA9700. Not only does the television have a resolution of 3,840 x 2,160 pixels, but it also comes equipped with all the modern smart TV features and LG's renowned passive 3D. Find out how the TV fared in our early assessment.

Review LG G2 - The Rear-Button Smartphone

LG's latest flagship smartphone, the 5.2-inch Full-HD G2 (LG is dropping the Optimus moniker) has an unusual unique feature - all of its buttons are on the back. Will this unconventional layout be the future of smartphone design? Find out in our review!

Feature Article LG Optimus G Pro Available in Singapore in Early July

LG's latest flagship smartphone, the 5.5-inch, Full HD, Optimus G Pro, was officially launched in Macau for the Asia-Pacific market today. Originally introduced in Korea in February, the Optimus G Pro will now be rolling out to the rest of Asia, with Singapore availability scheduled for early July.

Feature Article LG Announces Its 2013 Cinema 3D Smart TV Lineup for Singapore

Smart control, smart sharing, and smart entertainment - these are what LG's 2013 Cinema 3D Smart TVs are all about. From the nifty Magic Remote and the useful Time Machine II feature, to the LG exclusive K-Pop Zone and the time-saving NFC functionality, the new TV models sport features aplenty. We've all the details.

Review LG Optimus G - Rising Android Powerhouse

LG collaborated with its sister companies, LG Chem, LG Display and LG Innotek to offer its latest flagship model, the Optimus G. What industry leading technologies does the LG Optimus G possess? Can it give the competition a run for its money? Read on to find out more in our review.

Feature Article CES 2013: LG's Push for Ultra HDTVs, OLED TVs and the Smart Home

LG has made impressive announcements and demos of their display technologies and Smart platforms at CES 2013. While the AV products were definitely crowd pullers, LG has a much bigger agenda to deliver a smart home with new connected appliances. We round-up LG's efforts as witnessed from the show.

Feature Article Hands-on: LG BH9430PW 9.1-channel Home Theater Speaker System

How has LG's new 9.1-channel home theater-in-a-box (HTIB) system improved in this year's revision? Does the 3D audio processing really help? We share our brief experience from what we've experienced at the greatest tech show on the planet.

Feature Article LG Shows Off Updated Google TV Sets

Among a slew of updates for LG's new TV sets, the Google TV variants saw some of the most number of changes. We highlight some of the key improvements and a walkthrough of its voice recognition feature working in tandem with the PrimeTime quick guide.