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Feature Article Hands-on: Panasonic's new Toughbooks are equally at home in the office and outside

Panasonic has been making Toughbooks for the past two or so decades. The company's rugged notebooks are amongst the best in the business and they have just released two new models that you can comfortably take from the office to the outside without the bulk and heft that you usually associate with such products.

Feature Article Taking the Apple MacBook's Core M to its limits

Intel's new Core M processors are unique in that they require no active cooling. But that also means that it has no effective way to cool itself down when it gets hot. How does performance get affected when it gets hot then? We took the MacBook to its limits to find out.

Feature Article Shootout: From 0 to 100, the fastest charging phones available

With smartphone resolutions getting higher and higher, battery life has struggled to keep up. As a result, reducing re-charge times has become the next best thing. But which fast charging technology is the best? And what phone can you find it on? We find out.

Review Intel Compute Stick: Jack of all trades but master of none

The Intel Compute Stick is a versatile pocket PC, but this versatility does come at a price. The Compute Stick does many things, but none of them quite well enough.

Feature Article The new Thunderbolt 3 will be the USB-C that does it all

Intel just announced the new Thunderbolt 3 standard that uses the USB-C port and it will be compatible with other protocols such as USB, DisplayPort and PCI Express.

Review Microsoft Surface 3: A smaller and more refined chip off the old block

The 10.8-inch Microsoft Surface 3 is a cost-effective alternative to the bigger and pricier Surface Pro 3. It is capable of handling basic productivity tasks and boasts excellent battery life and portability to boot.

Feature Article MacBook Air vs. MacBook Pro: The battle of Apple’s 13-inch notebooks

Apple recently refreshed its 13-inch MacBook Air and MacBook Pro with Intel’s latest fifth generation Core processors. And upon further scrutiny, the two are more similar than you might think. But if you are getting one, there’s only one you should really consider. Let us tell you which one and why.

Review Dell XPS 13: To infinity & beyond

The Dell XPS 13 is touted as the world's smallest 13-inch notebook and much of this can be attributed to its ultra slim display bezel. But is there more to this notebook than its stunning looks? We take a closer look.

Review Aftershock W-15: Desktop computing in a mobile computer

It may look unassuming from the outside, but the W-15 actually has a desktop processor under the hood. Why would anyone want that? And does it actually provide any more performance? Answers to these questions and more in our review.

Feature Article An exclusive hands-on session with the new Transformer Book T300 Chi for HWZ members

HWZ members were recently given the exclusive chance to get up-close and personal with ASUS' latest Transformer Book T300 Chi 2-in-1 hybrid notebook and at the same time learn more about Intel's new Core M processors.