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Feature Article Skylake overload! 48 new Intel 6th gen Core processors for desktop and mobile

In the company’s biggest and most ambitious rollout of a new generation processor, Intel launches no less than 48 new 6th gen Core processors that span the desktop, notebook, 2-in-1 convertibles and tablet segment. Step right in with a quick performance sneak peek too!

Feature Article Skylake: Unravelling the CPU architecture behind Intel's 6th gen Core processors

So Intel's 6th generation Core microprocessor family has arrived, but what's exactly new? We delve deeper to share what has changed under the hood of the microarchitecture that is codenamed Skylake.

Feature Article Enter Skylake: Intel's next gen processor that will deliver new compute experiences

The launch of Microsoft's Windows 10 OS and the debut of Intel's newest processor based on the Skylake microarchitecture couldn't have complemented each other any better. In this article we establish if a new Skylake based system is necessary for you, expectations and the platform experiences that you stand to gain with Skylake running on Windows 10.

Feature Article Taking the Apple MacBook's Core M to its limits

Intel's new Core M processors are unique in that they require no active cooling. But that also means that it has no effective way to cool itself down when it gets hot. How does performance get affected when it gets hot then? We took the MacBook to its limits to find out.

Feature Article Intel's First Broadwell-based Products to Be Available Year End

Intel announced today that products based on the upcoming Broadwell processors will be available in time for this year end's holiday season.

Feature Article Intel to Celebrate 20 Years of Pentium with Anniversary Edition

Intel will be releasing an anniversary edition of the Pentium processor to commemorate 20 years of the Pentium brand.

Feature Article Intel Core i7 Processor Hits 4.0GHz with Devil's Canyon

Intel announced their latest processor series, codenamed Devil's Canyon, at its keynote in Computex 2014 earlier today. Representing the updated Haswell "K" series parts, the latest Core i7 processor is the first Core microprocessor to hit the 4.0GHz mark since the Pentium 4.

Review Intel Core i3-4150T Performance Preview

One of the earliest processors from the Intel Haswell refresh series, the Intel Core i3-4150T is ideal for low-end desktop PCs. Some might even consider it to power their own D-I-Y NAS or HTPC systems due to its low thermal envelope. We take it for a quick spin to see how it competes with the competition.

Feature Article Early Performance Benchmarks of Intel's Latest Bay Trail Processor

We were given an opportunity to preview and run some early performance benchmarks on Intel's upcoming Bay Trail tablets. Find out how it's performing against its competitors.

Review Intel i7-4960X Extreme Edition – Ivy Bridge Goes Extreme to Save the Day?

The Intel Core i7-4960X Extreme Edition CPU brings life to the LGA2011 chip package with its new 22nm microarchitecture. It also offers owners of Intel X79-based motherboards, a much-needed upgrade option. Find out if its performance levels make the option compelling!