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Feature Article Intel Core i7 Processor Hits 4.0GHz with Devil's Canyon

Intel announced their latest processor series, codenamed Devil's Canyon, at its keynote in Computex 2014 earlier today. Representing the updated Haswell "K" series parts, the latest Core i7 processor is the first Core microprocessor to hit the 4.0GHz mark since the Pentium 4.

Feature Article Intel's Next Unit of Computing

Known as the next unit of computing, we spotted this new ultra tiny motherboard at the IDF Tech Showcase. It's a full system as it comes built with an Intel Core i3 processor and it measures no more than 4-inch by 4-inch. But the question is, what will you do with it?

Feature Article Intel to Transform Personal Computing with 4th Generation Intel Core Processor

Intel said today during IDF (Intel Developer Forum) that it will yet again transform the personal computing landscape with the upcoming 4th generation Intel Core processor built solely for mobile systems such as the Ultrabook.

Feature Article Intel @ Computex 2011

Intel announced a new category of mainstream thin and light mobile computers called Ultrabook. They also revealed more details of the upcoming Ivy Bridge processor based on the 22nm 3D transistor design.

Feature Article Intel at CES 2011: Sandy Bridge Launch

At the CES press day, Intel officially launched the much awaited 2nd generation Core processor family, much better known as Sandy Bridge. The new processor promises faster compute performance as well as improved graphics performance, an updated WiDi 2.0, Intel Quick Sync and Intel Insider.

Feature Article IDF Fall 2010 Day 1 - Sandy Bridge Revealed

Intel revealed more details of its upcoming 2nd generation Intel Core processor family codenamed Sandy Bridge at the first day of the Intel Developer Forum 2010. Slated to arrive in early 2011, Sandy Bridge brings with it features that promises to change the user's computing experience.