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Feature Article LG Announces Its 2013 Cinema 3D Smart TV Lineup for Singapore

Smart control, smart sharing, and smart entertainment - these are what LG's 2013 Cinema 3D Smart TVs are all about. From the nifty Magic Remote and the useful Time Machine II feature, to the LG exclusive K-Pop Zone and the time-saving NFC functionality, the new TV models sport features aplenty. We've all the details.

Review First Looks: LG 84-inch LM9600 Ultra Definition Cinema 3D Smart TV

Will LG be able to justify the S$24,999 price tag for its 84-inch 4K-resolution mega screen? We took a ride down to LG's flagship store to give the huge screen a once-over as soon as it arrived. Here's our take.

Review LG 47-inch LW6500 Cinema 3D TV - Passive Aggressive

Standing as their current flagship 3D model, LG's latest LW6500 boasts of a new passive Cinema 3D display topped with Smart TV perks. LG has been busy advocating its new 3D TV technology extensively, so will it really meet expectations and still fare well in 2D? That's what we intend to find out in this detailed review.

Feature Article LG Cinema 3D & Smart TV Launch - Third Dimension Justified

LG Electronics unveiled a total of eleven new HDTV models today, including LED, LCD and Plasma models bearing Cinema 3D and Smart TV features. Do check out our coverage to find out more about the new passive 3D screens equipped with Internet capabilities.