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Review JVC GC-PX100B Camcorder Review - Affordable Flagship

The JVC GC-PX100B camcorder has a bright F1.2 lens, shoots AVCHD 1080/50p videos, and does high-speed recording at up to 500fps, thus making it suitable for low-light or sports scenes. We gave it a run to see how good it really is.

Feature Article LG Announces Its 2013 Cinema 3D Smart TV Lineup for Singapore

Smart control, smart sharing, and smart entertainment - these are what LG's 2013 Cinema 3D Smart TVs are all about. From the nifty Magic Remote and the useful Time Machine II feature, to the LG exclusive K-Pop Zone and the time-saving NFC functionality, the new TV models sport features aplenty. We've all the details.

Feature Article BenQ's W1080ST Is a 1080p, 3D-capable, Short Throw Home Theater Projector

If you've always wanted to get a home theater projector, but stopped short of doing so due to space constraints, short throw projectors like the BenQ W1080ST may just be what you're waiting for. We've more details about this full HD projector, and some promotions BenQ are running in the weeks ahead.

Feature Article Epson Refreshes Its 3D and Interactive Projector Lineups with 8 New Models

At a press event today, Epson unveiled six new 3D and two new integrated interactive projectors. Interestingly, not all six 3D projectors are aimed at home theater enthusiasts; a couple of them have education and business users in mind. As usual, we've all the info.

Review Panasonic HC-X900M HD Camcorder - Updating the Best

The successor to the impressive 1080/50p-shooting HDC-TM900, the HC-X900M, sports improvements such as a wider lens with nano coating, a high-res, 3D-compatible LCD, and an improved 5-axis image stabilization system. Will Panasonic's latest offering leave the others in its wake again?