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Tech News The Samsung Gear S2 goes on sale today; learn how to use it with these videos

Today’s the day the Samsung Gear S2 goes on sale in Singapore. To become an expert using it, just watch this series of how-to videos.

Tech News Samsung Gear S2 local pricing and availability announced

Local pricing and availability for Samsung's Gear S2, the smartwatch we said was "easily the most promising smartwatch we've seen so far" has now been revealed. Find out when you can get your hands on one inside.

Feature Article First looks: Samsung Gear S2 smartwatch (Updated with pricing!)

Remember when we were all waiting for Apple to unveil its vision for the smartwatch and it ended up looking like, well... all the other smartwatches that had come before it? I think Samsung just created the smartwatch we've been waiting for.

Tech News Samsung to launch more Tizen-based smartphones this year?

Google and Samsung have always had a somewhat tenuous relationship and the latest rumor from a Reuters source may signal Samsung's desire for more independence and less reliance on Google's platform.

Tech News Samsung rumored to launch Tizen-powered Z3 later this year

Tech site Tizenexperts released a report claiming that Samsung will be releasing the Tizen-powered Z3 in early 2H of 2015. This means that the launch of the Z3 could be a matter of weeks from now. Read on to find out more.

Tech News Samsung’s Gear SDK reveals design, UI and specs of its round Project Orbis smartwatch

Samsung has released its next-generation Gear smartwatch SDK to developers. The most interesting nugget of info found inside relates to Samsung's upcoming round smartwatch, Project Orbis (a.k.a. Gear A), with several images showing its design, as well as some sample apps and possible specs.

Tech News Samsung unveils Tizen Store, available in 182 countries with 25 apps at launch

Samsung officially launched the Tizen Store recently with 25 available apps for its Z1 handset users to download. It is also accessible worldwide in 182 countries and it could be the start of a new app ecosystem for a whole lot of other Samsung products.

Tech News Samsung launches flagship JS9500 and JS9000 SUHD curved smart TVs

Samsung has announced availability details of its top-end JS9500 and JS9000 SUHD curved smart TVs. The new TVs will be based on Tizen OS and feature Samsung's proprietary nano-crystal technology for more accurate color reproduction and improved brightness, contrast, and detail.

Tech News More than SUHD TVs up its sleeves, Samsung releases 2015 UHD TV line-up

Samsung's newly released SUHD TVs (the JS9000 and the JS9500) might be wowing local audiences, but the CE giant's also released a handful of other 4K UHD models. More details inside.

Tech News Samsung to introduce Tizen-based Smart TVs with quantum dot technology in 2015

At a pre-CES press conference today, Samsung announced a total of nine TV screen sizes featuring the latest quantum dot technology to its 2015 line-up of Smart TVs. These new TVs will also feature Samsung's integration of the Tizen operating system as part of its smart features.