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Feature Article Fujitsu Launches New Touch Enabled Enterprise Notebooks and Tablets for 2014

Fujitsu recently revealed their new range of touch-enabled business-class products that combine enterprise features like security, with user-friendly design. Hop in and find what they've in store for 2014.

Tech News Fujitsu Lifebook U Series Embraces Both Form and Function

Bearing Fujitsu’s distinct F-Line design, the Lifebook UH554 and UH574 comes with an ultra-responsive touch panel, Intel WiDi (Wireless Display), long battery life, and advanced security features to keep data protected.

Tech News Fujitsu Redefines Business Computing with the Latest Lifebook E Series

Fujitsu has unveiled the latest Lifebook E Series that comprises of three flagship business notebooks Lifebook E753, Lifebook E743, and Lifebook E733. This is the first series of Fujitsu Lifebook models to embody Fujitsu's 'Family Concept'.

Product Fujitsu Lifebook SH782

The 13.3-inch Lifebook SH782 comes powered by a Intel Ivy Bridge processor, and runs on the Windows 8 platform. Also, it is capable of providing up to 15 hours of battery life on a single charge.

Product Fujitsu Lifebook T732

Equipped with biometric fingerprint sensor, Hard Disk and BIOS password protection, the Lifebook T732 convertible tablet PC comes with a dual digitizer with strengthened glass display for durability and precise drawing.

Product Fujitsu Lifebook T902

The Lifebook T902 is a 13.3-inch convertible tablet PC that comes with a dual digitizer and multi-touch support for advanced navigation and accurate drawing in a wider viewing screen. It also includes full business features like Intel vPro technology and SmartCard reader.

Feature Article Fujitsu Means Business with New Windows 8 Notebooks and Tablets

Fujitsu has just launched a myriad of touch-enabled Windows 8 machines, targeted squarely at enterprise users. Besides touch, these business notebooks and tablets also come with stylus input capabilities for extra usability options. Read on for what we found.

Tech News Fujitsu Introduces the New Windows 8 Lifebook CH702

Powered by an Intel Ivy Bridge i5 processor, the 13.3-inch CH702 runs on the Windows 8 platform, and comes preloaded with Fujitsu's Diary and Scrapbook, which are fun applications that allows users to organize tasks, announce important updates, enhance photos, collate interesting information, and share on social media platforms such as Twitter or Facebook.

Tech News Fujitsu Introduces New Enterprise Devices for Windows 8

This selection includes Fujitsu's convertible tablet PC Lifebook T902, 10.1-inch tablet Stylistic Q572 and 13.3-inch technology flagship Lifebook SH782.

Tech News Fujitsu Presents Lifebook LH772 & LH532 Powered by Ivy Bridge Processors

Fujitsu introduces its newest Lifebook LH772 and Lifebook LH532 - the first models to include the new mobile Intel platform featuring designs ingrained with the Japanese Takumi philosophy.