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Tech News Goldgenie has a limited edition Year of the Goat 24k gold iPhone 6

Presumably targeted at well heeled Chinese customers, Goldgenie has just announced a limited edition Year of the Goat 24k gold iPhone 6.

Tech News Xiaomi working on trade-in program for Apple iPhone users?

Xiaomi is reportedly working on a trade-in program for consumers to trade in their existing iPhones to get the Mi Note or Mi Note Pro. The Chinese company is also developing an app to help iPhone users transfer their data over.

Tech News Apple rumored to equip next iPhone 6S with dual-lens camera and "Force Touch"

Apple is alleged to adopt a dual-lens camera and the pressure-sensitive touch technology "Force Touch" of its Watch for its next generation iPhone 6S. Read on to find out more.

Tech News Apple's iPhone suppliers TSMC and Foxconn enjoy record breaking December revenues

Apple's main suppliers for its popular iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus have just reported record breaking revenues for Decembers on the back of a great holiday season.

Tech News Apple to release a new 4-inch iPhone in 2015?

An Apple analyst claims that Apple may be working on a new 4-inch iPhone model for release in 2015. This device could potentially replace the current iPhone 5S and 5C in Apple's smartphone portfolio.

Tech News Typo2 keyboard for iPhone 6 now available

The Typo2 is a case for your iPhone 6 with a built-in BlackBerry style QWERTY keyboard. The second version of the Typo has a new key layout that more closely matches the layout of a desktop computer keyboard, as well as the iOS virtual keyboard. The shape of the keys has also been re-designed, and the four most commonly used keys: alt, backspace, enter and the apple "home" key have been increased in size.

Tech News Apple dominates smartphone industry with 86% share of the profits

Apple has the largest share of the handset pie with an analyst estimating that it enjoys a massive 86% share of the handset industry's operating profits in Q3.

Tech News Samsung's new Note 4 beaten by new iPhones on home soil

According to reports, pre-orders of Apple's newest iPhones in South Korea have surpassed all expectations, having exceeded 100,000 units since last Friday.

Feature Article Camera Showdown: The Apple iPhone 6 vs. the Sony Xperia Z3

The iPhone is the camera of choice for many casual shooters, while the newer Sony Xperia Z series of phones sport impressive 20.7-megapixel cameras. With the new iPhone 6 and Sony Xperia Z3, it's now time to take a look at these two favorites in a camera performance showdown. Find out how they fared!

Feature Article Six cases to keep your iPhone 6 and 6 Plus in pristine condition

Compared to the iPhone 5S, the iPhone 6 phones' larger and thinner proportions makes it tougher for some to keep a grip on their new toy. And did we mention Bendgate? But fret not, as there's never a lack of cases for the iPhone. Here are the top picks!