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Tech News ASUS announces NVMe support for all X99 and Z97 motherboards

ASUS has announced that all its X99 and Z97 motherboards now support the NVMe storage protocol and will thus be compatible with NVMe storage devices like the latest Intel 750 series PCIe SSDs.

Tech News ASRock Z97 and H97 boards will support the upcoming Intel Broadwell desktop processors

ASRock has announced support for the upcoming 5th generation Intel Broadwell desktop CPUs on their Z97 and H97 motherboards. Read on to find out which boards are Broadwell compliant.

Tech News ASUS announces support for 5th-generation Broadwell Intel Core processors

ASUS is the first company to announce immediate availability of UEFI BIOS updates for all Intel Z97 and H97 motherboards to enable compatibility with upcoming Intel Core processors based on the 14nm Broadwell architecture. Read on to find out more and check out if your board is eligible for the update.

Tech News ASRock USB3.1 motherboards will debut at CeBIT 2015

CeBIT 2015 will see ASRock debut its refreshed line up of Intel Z97 and X99 motherboards featuring USB 3.1 support. Selected boards will also support the new USB Type-C port which will be compatible with next-generation mobile devices. Hit the link for more information.

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