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Tech News Intel launches 5th Generation Intel Core processors and new Xeon product family

Intel announced a slew of new 14nm 'Broadwell' processors at Computex 2015 today, all featuring Intel's latest and most powerful Iris Pro graphics.

Tech News Intel announces 5th generation Intel 'Broadwell' processors

Intel has decided to launch its 5th generation Intel 'Broadwell' processors by introducing the Intel Core M processor. This family of mobile processors are targeted to power convertible 2-in-1 PCs that offer richer computing experiences than tablets.

Tech News Dell Adds Two New 2-in-1 Laptops into Inspiron Series

Earlier this week, Dell released two of their latest 2-in-1 laptops, one 11-inch laptop that updates its current model to a faster processor and a 13-inch addition to the current series that features a 4th generation Intel Core processor.

Feature Article Intel Core i7 Processor Hits 4.0GHz with Devil's Canyon

Intel announced their latest processor series, codenamed Devil's Canyon, at its keynote in Computex 2014 earlier today. Representing the updated Haswell "K" series parts, the latest Core i7 processor is the first Core microprocessor to hit the 4.0GHz mark since the Pentium 4.

Video ASUS' Latest Z97 Series Motherboards Revealed

Find out what ASUS has in store with their latest Intel Z97 series motherboards for the upcoming refresh of Haswell and future Broadwell CPUs. See the latest boards ranging from their regular to the ROG and TUF range of motherboards.

Tech News IDF13: Intel Demonstrated Next Generation LTE-A and 14nm Broadwell

At Intel Developer Forum today, Intel's new CEO Brian Krzanich demonstrated its next generation modem for mobiles and also unveiled a working prototype of Intel's upcoming 14nm Broadwell processor.

Tech News Intel Launches Its 4th Generation 'Haswell' Processors

Intel announced the latest 4th generation Intel Core processors at Computex 2013, bringing along with it a whole host of new thin, light, sleek and powerful convertible 2-in-1 Ultrabooks.

Tech News Intel Makes Touchscreens Mandatory on Future Ultrabooks

Future notebooks with Intel's fourth generation processor codenamed "Haswell", must feature touchscreens in order to qualify for the "Ultrabook" trademark.

Feature Article Intel's Next Unit of Computing

Known as the next unit of computing, we spotted this new ultra tiny motherboard at the IDF Tech Showcase. It's a full system as it comes built with an Intel Core i3 processor and it measures no more than 4-inch by 4-inch. But the question is, what will you do with it?

Feature Article Intel to Transform Personal Computing with 4th Generation Intel Core Processor

Intel said today during IDF (Intel Developer Forum) that it will yet again transform the personal computing landscape with the upcoming 4th generation Intel Core processor built solely for mobile systems such as the Ultrabook.