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View Past Shows Tech Show Portal Sitex 2016. 24 - 27 November 2016 // 11am - 9pm. Singapore Expo Halls 5 & 6

24 - 27 November 2016 // 11am - 9pm // Singapore Expo Halls 5 & 6

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Video Coverage

Sitex 2016: Shopping for the holiday season!

Happening from Nov 24 to 27 at the Singapore Expo, Sitex 2016 is the place to head to if you're looking for the latest gadgets in town. Check out this video to find out what's good to buy, buy, buy this holiday season!
Event News & Buying Guides

Monster AC5300 wireless routers face-off: ASUS RT-AC5300 vs. Netgear Nighthawk X8

Wireless routers are getting faster and faster and the latest ones can support a combined throughput of a whopping 5300Mbps. How is that possible? And how good are they? We are going to find out today by pitting the latest AC5300 class routers against each other.

Battle of the mainstream cards: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 shootout (Updated)

It can be confusing wading through a sea of highly similar custom graphics cards. And what matters more, clock speeds or cooling performance? We pit the best custom GeForce GTX 1060 cards from ASUS, Gigabyte, and MSI against each other to see who comes up ahead. Now updated with Palit and Zotac options too!

AC1900 Wireless Router Shootout: ASUS vs. D-Link vs. Linksys vs. Netgear

With 802.11ac clients becoming more mainstream, there has never been a better time to invest in a 802.11ac compatible router. We pit four of the finest AC1900 class routers from the biggest names in networking - ASUS, D-Link, Linksys and Netgear - to find out which is best.

Sitex 2016 highlights

Happening now till November 27 at the Singapore Expo, Sitex 2016 is the place to be at this time of the year if you're looking for the best IT and consumer electronics deals. Remember to check out this article to know the best deals on offer before you head down!

Sitex 2016 preview: Searching for the best year-end tech deals!

Sitex 2016 is taking place from November 24 to 27 at the Singapore Expo. With Christmas just around the corner, this is the place to be at if you want to fulfill your home entertainment, lifestyle electronics, office equipment, and travel technology shopping needs. Here are all the deals we've amassed so far, remember to check back frequently for more updates!

Sitex 2016 - Opening day live updates!

The last major tech show, Sitex, is here again! Keep yourself updated with our opening day live feed for interesting sights and the best buys happening right now direct from the show floor.

Jabra Elite Sport wireless ear buds available for pre-orders at SITEX 2016

The new Jabra ear buds offer ultra-portable wireless audio, featuring a built-in heart rate monitor and intelligent in-ear coaching.

5 activities to look out for at Sitex 2016

Sitex 2016 is taking place from November 24 to 27 at the Singapore Expo. Aside from the wide spread of tech gadgets and home electronics goods on sale, there are other activities to look out for at this show.

Upgrade your home with these AC3200 wireless routers tested

Tri-band routers are ideal for homes with many connected devices. And today we will be taking a close at look at three of the newer AC3200 class tri-band routers from some of the most established names in home networking - Linksys, Netgear and TP-Link.

The Acer Spin 7 is a sleek and versatile convertible notebook for work and play

Acer has announced the local availability of its Spin 7 and Swift 7 notebooks. Both these devices are exceedingly sleek and portable and will be available at the upcoming CEF and SITEX shows.

Acer joins the Pascal crowd with new NVIDIA GeForce GTX 10-series Predator gaming systems

Acer has updated its range of Predator gaming notebooks and desktops with NVIDIA’s latest GeForce GTX 10-series cards. Updated models include the Predator 15 and 17 notebooks, and the Predator G1 and G3 desktops.

AC3100 router shootout - ASUS RT-AC88U vs. D-Link DIR-885L

There’s no shortage of high-end, high-speed routers around these days. And today we are pitting two of the most popular AC3100-class routers against each other. Find out who’s left standing in this shootout.

Modular Moto Z and Moto Z Play smartphones available in Singapore come November

The new Moto flagship and mainstream smartphones are officially available to the Singapore market, together with their Moto Mod add-ons.

The best phones to replace your Samsung Galaxy Note7

If you're in the market for a new phone to replace your Samsung Galaxy Note7, we've got some great options for you.

An in-depth review of the iPhone 7 Plus’ dual cameras

Are the iPhone 7 Plus’ dual cameras better than the iPhone 6s Plus or the Samsung Galaxy S7’s? The answer is: yes and no. Here’s why.

ASUS takes aim at the Surface Pro with the Transformer 3 Pro and Transformer 3 hybrids (Updated)

ASUS has the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 lined up squarely in its sights. The company has announced the Transformer 3 Pro and Transformer 3, two 2-in-1 hybrids that come with ample processing power and support for Thunderbolt 3.

The power of 3: ASUS launches ZenBook 3, Transformer 3 Pro, ZenWatch 3, and more

ASUS just unveiled its latest range of computing and mobile devices, just in time for the holiday shopping season. This includes products like the ZenBook 3, its slimmest and most stylish notebook yet, and the Transformer 3 Pro, a veritable challenger to the Microsoft Surface Pro 4. Hop in for more details!

Apple iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus price plan comparison

Now that all three telcos unveiled their price plans, we checked them out to see which plans are financially savvy over the long run.

2016 prosumer camera shootout: Canon EOS 80D vs. Nikon D500 vs. Sony A6300

If you're looking for a prosumer-level interchangeable lens camera, your shortlist should definitely consist of the Canon EOS 80D, Nikon D500, and Sony A6300. But which is our favorite? In this review, we pit these three APS-C cameras against one another to see which comes up tops.

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 shootout: Slugging it out at the top

The NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 is the best card you can buy on the market now (discounting the new Titan X aimed at deep learning researchers). That said, it isn't always lonely at the top, and there are plenty of custom cards for you to choose from. We round up cards from ASUS, MSI, and Palit and put them to the test.

PSA: Circles.Life’s no-contract installment plans for iPhone 7 & 7 Plus are now available

In case you didn’t know, Circles.Life lets their users pay for phones like the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus over 6, 12, or 24 months, and it’s not tied to your Circles.Life phone plan. Come in to see the details.

Shootout: The best Bluetooth keyboard

Tablets and smartphones are so powerful these days, many people no longer need a laptop. But if you want to get any serious work done, a touchscreen keyboard just won’t cut it. A portable Bluetooth keyboard is easy to set up and gives you a real typing experience. We find out which is the best.

The top 5 things to look for when buying an air purifier

It looks like the haze is making a comeback. If you haven't bought one already, here's a guide to the top five things to look for when buying a home air purifier.

7 frequently asked questions about the Samsung Galaxy Note7

We've been seeing lots of feedback about the new stylus-based Samsung flagship smartphone. We have some input, and this should address some burning questions before you make the purchase.

What is DVB-T2 & why should I care?

DVB-T2 isn't the name of another astromech droid in Star Wars. Instead, it's the latest broadcast transmission standard for digital TV that many countries (including Singapore) are using. Here's a quick primer and how to get your TV ready for it.

4 High-end PCIe SSD drives tested for your next DIY PC

SSDs are fast, but the SATA interface has been the limiting factor in their performance. If you really want to take your system to the next level, consider these high-end PCIe-based SSDs. We have four such drives tested in great detail!

Finally, LG's UltraWide and UHD monitors are now in Singapore

After years of absence, LG's IT division has announced that it's once again bringing its well-regarded monitors to Singapore. Be it ultra-wide, 4K, or 1080p, there's something for everyone. Let's take a look.

Everything you need to know about Wireless 802.11ac networking

Networking is a confusing and often misunderstood topic. It does not help that manufacturers are often vague in their descriptions and marketing material. Here is a guide to help you understand the latest standard in wireless technology.

Entry-level SSD Showdown: OCZ Trion 150 vs. Samsung SSD 750 Evo vs. Sony SLW-M

SSDs have never been more affordable. And in a bid to enable more mainstream users to jump onto the SSD bandwagon, SSD manufacturers are releasing even more affordable SSDs by the day. Here are three of the latest entry-level SSDs from OCZ, Samsung and Sony.

LG Gram's 14 and 15-inch notebooks weigh less than a kilogram!

LG is making a return to the local notebook market, and spearheading its efforts is its new ultra light LG Gram notebooks. So light, they might redefine expectations of a notebook.

Data Wars: Telco data plan comparison

This week, all three telcos announced add-on options for new and re-contracting subscribers to increase the amount of data in their mobile plans. But who's giving you the most data for your dollar, and should you sign up now or wait for a fourth player to enter the market?

ViewQwest Black explained: A breakdown of ViewQwest's "end-to-end" 10Gbps home fiber broadband service

In case you missed it, ViewQwest was the last among four ISPs to announce a 10Gbps home fiber broadband service. But it arguably also has the most interesting and well thought out plan of the bunch. If you’re still confused by ViewQwest Black, we're going to break it down here once again in more layman’s terms.

Affordable 2-in-1 detachable notebooks triple threat: Acer vs. ASUS vs. HP

The phrase "cheap and cheerful" normally has a negative connotation. To find out if it still holds true, in the world of computing at least, we decided to try out three affordable 2-in-1 detachable notebooks. Is there a bargain to be found? Let's find out!

Battle of the AC3200 monster routers: ASUS RT-AC3200 vs. D-Link DIR-890L

If you have lots of wireless devices at home, AC3200 class routers are the way to go, simply because they broadcast three separate networks and offer the most bandwidth. Here we pit two of the largest and most outrageous against each other to find out which is best.

Battle of the SSD juggernauts - Intel vs. SanDisk vs. Samsung

Intel, SanDisk and Samsung are three of the biggest names in the flash business. All three have their own NAND production facilities and two of them even produce their own SSD controller. We pit the respective flagship drives from each brand to see who will emerge victorious.

A newbie's guide to home networking

Wired or wireless connection? What is with all those different cables? How can I improve my Wi-Fi coverage? And how can I still use a wired connection if I haven't already wired up my home? All these questions and more will be answered in our newbie's guide to networking.

Fiber broadband: Know what you're signing up for

Price is important when signing up for a fiber broadband plan, but it's certainly not everything. In this article, we explore what else makes for a good Internet experience, from typical download speeds and symmetric plans, to traffic shaping and latency.

Preparing Your Home for Fiber Broadband

Superior bandwidth that enables richer online content not possible before, it makes little to no sense to not go for fiber broadband when your existing ADSL or cable broadband contract is up, or when you're wiring up your new home. Here's a quick primer on getting your premise ready.

How to Decide Which Home Printer to Buy

Selecting a printer for your home isn't as simple as choosing the cheapest one at the store. The best way to approach it is to understand who are the people using it, their needs, and their printing habits.

Buying the Right Printer: Printer Technologies Explained

Inkjet, laser, LED, dye-sub - with the sheer number of printing technologies and products available today, it can be quite difficult for the layman to decide which is the one for him. For a start, let us explain some of the more common printer technologies out there.

Everything You Need to Know About the Sony Playstation 4

The next generation of console gaming is here! Sony's Playstation 4 has been launched and is in stock at many Sony stores islandwide, but will you be buying one? Here's everything you need to know about Sony's latest console, all in one place.

Xbox One: One to Rule Them All

Microsoft has just lifted the wraps off its brand new console - the Xbox One. Find out more about the new console, its new Kinect sensor, controller, games and our thoughts of it in our special coverage article.

Buying a 4K TV: What you need to know about HDCP 2.2, HDMI 2.0, HEVC & UHD

Is buying a 4K TV as simple as ensuring that it has a 4K resolution? Not quite, especially if you want your multi-thousand-dollar investment to last as long as possible. In this article, we decode the TV jargon most consumers face today.

5 tips on buying the correct power bank for your mobile device (2016 edition!)

Yes, smartphones and tablets are very advanced these days; but sadly, their batteries still don't last very long. To ensure our device can at least last through the day, many of us carry a power bank. But with so many choices out there, how does one go about choosing one? Here are 5 tips.

NVIDIA G-Sync 101: Everything you need to know up until now

Even though NVIDIA introduced G-Sync in 2013, a significant price premium is still attached to G-Sync capable monitors. Unsurprisingly, adoption has also been patchy, despite the benefits. Read on to find out how G-Sync works and if you should upgrade your monitor.

Getting a 10Gbps broadband plan: 4 other investments you need to make first

Going to sign up for a 10Gbps fiber broadband plan? Beyond the monthly subscription fee, know that there could be other investments and preparations involved before you can get the desired results. We tell you.

Windows 10: What you need to know

Windows 10 for PCs and tablets have arrived since July 29, but that's just only the beginning. In this all-in-one, constantly-updated article, we address common Windows 10 questions, highlight key features to check out, and look forward to what's on the horizon.

A Speedy Guide to 4G/LTE

4G and LTE seem to be the buzz words these days after all three telcos rolled out their new networks. 4G smartphones and tablets are beginning to show up on retail shelves too. But what does it mean and what do you need to know about it? We've got you covered with this dedicated guide on all you need to know about 4G/LTE.

Smart TV Buying Guide: Buy Smart!

Smart TVs aren't a new fad, but they've settled in as a de-facto feature with many mid-range and premium models in the market today. Refer to our buying guide to gain some practical insight into these smart displays and what's required before you splurge on one!

The Mirrorless Camera Guide Essentials

Is a compact camera possessing close to DSLR performance too much to ask for? Not anymore with the onslaught of mirrorless system cameras hitting the digital camera market right now. Let us fill you in on the details of mirrorless system cameras, including how to make an informed choice if you're looking to get one.

All You Need to Know about Ultrabooks

Powerful, thin and light mobile computing used to be a very expensive proposition. Not any more with the new class of notebooks called the Ultrabooks. We detail all you need to know on this new product group in our Ultrabook Tech Guide.

HardwareZone's 3D TV Buying Guide Essentials

Should you go with active or passive? With a multitude of 3D TV technologies and models available in the market, it isn't easy to decide on the right television type with TV manufacturers clamoring to offer the best 3D experience in the industry. Not to worry though, for we're here to help.

HardwareZone's HDTV Buying Guide Essentials

Unknown to many, buying a television for your home involves more preparation work than anticipated. With our HDTV Buying Guide Essentials, you can now equip yourself with the necessary knowledge to make the right purchase instead of regretting an impulsive buy later.