Yamaha TSX-130 - Your Desktop Companion

Launch SRP: S$599

The Yamaha TSX-130 Desktop Audio System

The Yamaha TSX-130 Desktop Audio System

The Yamaha TSX-130 is available in both black and white, and it manages to successfully blend retro and modern elements. The two circular speaker grilles upfront remind us of old-school radios, whereas the wood panelling on top lends the unit a modern zen touch. Taken as a whole, the design of the TSX-130 has a very contemporary Japanese feel about it and we like it very much. The white model, especially, carries off this look very well.

On the audio hardware front, the Yamaha TSX-130 is actually rather basic, sporting only two full-range 8cm cone woofers with bass-reflex ports. There's no dedicated tweeters or low-range woofers. It'll be interesting to see how the TSX-130 sounds.


Overall rating 9/10
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The Good
Excellent audio performance
Includes CD player, FM receiver and USB flash drive playback
Great value for money
The Bad
Lacks stereo width without DSP enhancement
Mid-range slightly overwhelmed by thundering bass