Yamaha NX-P100 Portable Wireless Speakers - Bluetooth Speakers Evovled

Launch SRP: S$399

Design and Features

All the Bells and Whistles

Yamaha has been in the audio business for a while now. Many of you may know them for their quality, high-end, home theatre products such as sound bars. But over the years they have introduced multiple speaker models ranging from CD players, micro hi-fi systems to docking stations for the everyday consumer. They had also branched out and jumped on the wireless, Bluetooth speaker bandwagon previously with products such as the PDX-B11. Now they have released an evolved Bluetooth speaker in the shape of the ultra portable Yamaha NX-P100.

Bluetooth speaker evolved, the Yamaha NX-P100 comes with NFC compatibility.

Design and Features

On the surface the Yamaha NX-P100 looks like every other wireless, Bluetooth speaker intended to be portable. It has a candy bar design that's easy to grasp in your hand and is available in black, white and lime colors. The speakers weigh just half a kilogram and can fit in a large cargo-pant pocket or carried in hand. There is a front grill with circular holes that resembles Apple’s iPhone 5C case. But besides that there is nothing extra-ordinary about the speaker's appearance.

The front grill helps add a textural element to the aesthetics of these Yamaha speakers.

What makes the NX-P100 different from other wireless, Bluetooth speaker are its features. First up, the Yamaha speaker is NFC compatible as evidenced by the NFC tag prominently displayed at the top face. Additionally the product is IPX-4 certified and has silicon caps on the side panels which means that it can withstand splashes of water. The NFC feature is meant to help out with usability while the IPX-4 certification is meant to make the product more portable and brave the elements of weather.

Buttons on the top can be used to power the device on or off as well as control the volume. The second button from the left is a battery status function that reads out the remaining battery charge left on your speaker. Last but not least, you can also see the location of the NFC tag denoted on the far right for quick device pairing.

As can be expected, the speakers have a built-in battery with eight hours of battery life. There is a flap on side of the NX-P100 that hides and seals the connectivity ports. There is a 3.5mm port for those who would prefer wired playback and a USB port can also be used for wired playback, which is an offer that not many products in this category offer. You can also use the USB port to charge your smartphone if you are willing to sacrifice some of the speaker’s battery. Rounding off the list of impressive features is a built-in microphone that enables speakerphone functionality.

The selection of ports available with the speakers can be seen here.

In terms of hardware to power out the audio, the Yamaha NX-P100 features dual 40mm drivers. To help out with the low frequencies the speakers also come equipped with SR-Bass. SR-Bass is essentially a swinging passive radiator. To further up the standards of performance, the NX-P100 is also armed with Apt-X codecs to help the transmission of data over Bluetooth, which as we know is a lossy transmission format if your streaming device supports it.

Two vents can be found at the bottom to help with bass performance.

The Good
NFC compatibility for quick Bluetooth pairing
Strong, powerful mids
USB port for audio input and charging smartphone
The Bad
Bass lacks definition
Trebles are subdued
High price point

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