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Nokia 6210 Navigator review

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Accelerate and Go!

Accelerate and Go!

Besides its primary purpose as both a cellular and navigation device, there are a few other bells and whistles added onto the 6210 Navigator. As mentioned, the accelerometer will be put to use for orientation purposes, and for those who are seeking some entertainment on the road, the bundled games within the 6210 Navigator also be take advantage of the accelerometer's motion sensor to enhance your gaming experience. However, for the connectivity buffs, you'll be dependant on its GPRS connection, or if you have a mobile data plan, HSDPA is the way to go.

For the interested navigators, the Nokia 6210 Navigator will be retail ready by the end of the July. To sweeten the deal, this navigation-cum-communication device will be introduced at a reasonable pricing of S$678, and with the competitiveness between the three telecommunications company in Singapore, we would be expecting a consumer-friendly pricing with a two-year plan.