Thermaltake Level 10 GT Battle Edition - Man Your Battle Stations!

Launch SRP: S$449

External Design (Part II)

External Design (Part II)

The rear of the Level 10 GT Battle Edition is quite an imposing sight as well. With its crowning triplet of rubber grommets and eight expansion slots, it presents a busy sight indeed! There is also a supplied rear 120mm cooling fan. From the rear, we see the protrusion that houses the side 230mm cooling fan with a removable fan filter that is neatly tucked into the housing.


The side of the Level 10 GT Battle Edition presents itself as a stark contrast to its opposite facing side; it has small rectangle clear acrylic panel that allows sneak peeks of its installed components. A hinged side panel door that takes up to approximately a third of this facing of the chassis, opens with button, which is housed at the bottom of the chassis. The plastic protrusion that sits in front of the wire mesh is a mount that allows you to hang your earphones over it. There is also a lock-and-key system for the side panel door. The ribbed structure, to the bottom of black wire mesh, comprises five quick swap 3.5-inch HDD bays. To the left of these drive bays; there is a housing for the bundled side 230mm cooling fan with LEDs. There is a lever at the side of the housing that controls louvers within the 230mm fan housing, which controls the direction of the air-intake of this giant fan.

The instructions that are written below the black wire mesh from which the Headset Hanger is attached, pertains to the usage of the quick swap 3.5-inch drive bays. There is a locking mechanism that functions to keep the five 3.5-inch quick swap drive bays in place, preventing any unauthorized removal of the bays. The army soldier figure with a shoulder rocket launcher is purely decorative in nature, so don't pay any attention to it.

Tilting this behemoth on its side reveals four plastic feet at its bottom. They are able to swivel out at 90 degrees to provide additional stability to the Level 10 GT Battle Edition. There is a removable fan filter that slides out easily from its place. We also see a number of air vents at the casing's bottom; however, there are no supplied cooling fans down here.


The Good
Quick swap 3.5-inch drive bays
Security via lock-and-key system
Excellent cable management system
Four large cooling fans in total
Fan control system with LED control
The Bad
High premium for Battle Edition
Limited availability