Sony VAIO X - Xtraordinary Thinness

Launch SRP: S$1999

Xtraordinary Thinness

Xtraordinary Netbook

Folks, you may remember the Sony VAIO P, a slim and tiny Intel Atom machine that didn't quite live up to consumer expectations. It was gorgeous, it was tiny, and it was pretty, but the price made consumers really wary about paying so much for a netbook. Our own experience with the unit was sluggish at best and the overly high resolution screen didn't help our eyes much with its tiny icons together with its tiny keys and trackpoint.

So while it was a 'wow' factor machine, Sony decided to try again with a cheaper Atom netbook with the VAIO W that stuck to the regular form factor that you'll find in most netbooks but with the VAIO look and feel. The W wasn't too bad of an effort, and was priced at a more affordable range comparable to other netbooks. Sure, it performed pretty much similar to other netbooks too, but well, it's a Sony product you're talking about.

Now, fast forward to just a few months later, and Sony has unveiled its latest netbook, the VAIO X. This time, the X looks set to razzle and dazzle with its super slim form factor, lightweight design and really expensive price. Of course, the magnesium alloy chassis and carbon fiber frame of the notebook doesn't come cheap by any standards, but it does give it a feel that's just perfect for the business users that this netbook is targeted at. How perfect you ask? We'll find out more over the next few pages but let's start with our usual exterior pictures and table of specifications first.

If slim is in, then the Sony VAIO X nails it down with it's 14 mm thickness.

It's so thin, it's barely any thicker than an iPhone.

With a side profile so slim, Sony has been pulled a trick out of the hat to accommodate the LAN port with an extendable jaw for the port. The VGA port however, still remains the limit on how thin the netbook can go.

The opposite side also takes things a tad thin with just these few USB 2.0 ports.

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