SilverStone Sugo SG09 Casing - A Well Cooled SFF

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Interior Design (Part I)

Interior Design (Part I)

The top cover of the Sugo SG09 is held in place by three rear thumbscrews and a screw by the side.We peeled it away to reveal its unique interior layout; however, the GPU fan bracket needs to be removed separately as well to gain full unrestricted access within.

The GPU fan bracket is held in place by a pair of rear thumbscrews and a screw at the bottom. Dismantling it, we finally had an unobstructed view of its interior layout. The dangling power cord that is joined with the rear outlet will eventually connect to the PSU that will be installed at the front of the chassis. Notice the absence drive bays?

We turned to the other side of the chassis to reveal the drive mounting options. Notice the horizontal black metal plate below the 180mm Air Penetrator? This is the mounting panel for a pair of 3.5-inch hard drives. Below that are options to mount  dual 2.5-inch drives. 

We proceed to the top to check out the slot optical drive mounting option, as well as the 180mm Air Penetrator. The chassis can fit an optical drive up to 12.5mm in height and the mounting of the drive will require the bundled optical drive bracket. If the drive is 9.5mm in height, it needs to be propped up from the bottom with the bundled rubber bracket pads.

The Good
Excellent cooling capabilities, with generous bundle of cooling fans
Ability to fit up to a pair of 13-inch graphics cards
The Bad
Narrow interior layout
Installation of components requires some consultation of the manual