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SanDisk Ultra Plus SSD (256GB) review

SanDisk Ultra Plus SSD (256GB) - A Marvell Alternative

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Overall rating 6/10
Fast sequential read and write performance
Bumper to convert drive to 9.5mm form factor
Below average random access performance
No HDD installation bracket or other accessories
Extremely expensive; top performing drives retail for much less

Results - AS SSD Benchmark

AS SSD Results

AS SSD is a benchmark that uses non-compressible and completely random data. What this means is that the drives using the SandForce SF-2281 controller cannot compress the data first, which takes away one of the strong advantages of this controller. Therefore this is a useful benchmark because drives that use the SF-2281 controller don't gain an upper hand.

AS SSD is a benchmark that generally favors Marvell-driven drives and the SanDisk Ultra Plus performed respectably as it proved itself to be more than a match for its more illustrious Extreme counterpart. Sequential read and write performance was very strong and it was capable of keeping pace with the high-end drives such as the OCZ Vertex 4 and Intel SSD 520 Series. Interestingly, the SanDisk Ultra Plus was quicker than the Plextor M2S, despite having what is essentially a scaled down version of the same controller in the Plextor drive.