SanDisk ReadyCache SSD - Your Hard Disk's Little Helper

Launch SRP: S$78

SanDisk ReadyCache Setup

SanDisk ReadyCache Setup

The SanDisk ReadyCache SSD prides itself on its ease of use and setup. And indeed, the drive was dead easy to install and get up and running.

Included with the drive is an installation bracket that holds the drive in place in typical 3.5-inch hard drive bays. SanDisk has also provided a SATA data cable, which is a thoughtful touch. Once the drive is installed, boot your system up and the drive should be automatically detected. Next, download and install the ExpressCache software from SanDisk.

The ExpressCache software is simple in design and in its functions. It tells you how much memory is left and let's you clear the cache if you wish to do so.

After installation, you will be greeted by the ExpressCache control panel. To begin, activate the drive by entering the activation code that is provided with the drive. Following that, click on Activate to begin caching and that is all. At this point, the ExpressCache software will automatically determine which files are worth caching and copying them to the SSD. Thereafter, the software will pick up on your usage patterns and habits and start caching files that you frequently access.

The ExpressCache control panel also lets you monitor the usage of the drive by displaying how much of the 32GB capacity is left. And there’s also an added option of clearing the cache. This is useful if you have deleted applications that you once used frequently and want the drive to relearn your usage habits.

The software doesn’t specify exactly what files are being copied into the system and there’s no option anywhere to do so. While advanced users might be miffed, this, we think, is the beauty of the software and of the drive. It does everything on its own in the background and requires no input from you.

However, does it really work? Time to take a look at the benchmark results on the next page.

The Good
Provides substantial boost to system performance
Easy to setup and use
Affordable price
The Bad
Only comes in 32GB capacity
Doesn't let you see what files have been cached

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