Samsung Galaxy Tab - Galactic Adventure!

Web Browsing & Productivity

Web Browsing

Unlike the Apple iPad, the Samsung Galaxy Tab comes with the ability to play Adobe Flash videos out of the box (though this comes at a slight disadvantage of having Flash based advertisements running on your browser). You can however set the Flash plugin to run only on demand, which should help those who are paranoid. We did notice that using the browser with Flash running slows the whole unit considerably, making scrolling on a page a jagged and irritating experience.

Otherwise the built-in Android browser does a fine job, making surfing the web an experience you will find similar to any other Android smartphone. That said, using the Tab in portrait orientation does make text a little too small to read depending on the website. In landscape mode, you'll find a lack of vertical space due to the 16:9 aspect ratio format of the screen that may or may not affect your sensibilities, especially when the keyboard alone takes up half the screen, leaving you with very little screen real estate.



The Samsung Galaxy Tab comes with bundled with ThinkFree for office productivity, and you'll find that it works pretty well. This app allows you to create new documents, edit current ones, and if you have a ThinkFree account, store them online so you can access the documents on any computer. Unlike a mobile phone, there's plenty of space to view and type with, so if you're the type who likes to do your work while away from a desktop, then you're pretty much set.


The Good
Small compact form factor
Decent battery life
The Bad
Expensive without contract
Bad camera