Sager Gaming Notebook NP8690 - The Chunky Supreme

Launch SRP: S$2388

The Chunky Supreme

The Chunky Supreme

If you haven't heard of Sager before, you won't be in the minority. Sager's mostly famous in the United States where it was founded, though resellers have helped spread the branding to other regions. In the US however, the brand is known for their high-end performance notebooks and the ability to customize the parts when you buy. CubeHub, a local Singaporean company, is currently one of the resellers for the brand and they have given us a top of the line model to review so let's check the notebook out.

Firstly, if you want a notebook just for looks, then you will be sorely disappointed. The Sager NP8690 is thick, chunky, black with silver linings and is actually based on a Clevo chassis. It's not a notebook that will make others drool in envy, nor will it get designers all hot and fired up. The true beauty of the machine however, lies inside its components, where its heavy duty specifications should kick butt in our benchmark tests. Let's take a quick look at the exterior before we move to the interior.

Overall rating 8/10
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The Good
Great performance
Cheap price for its specs
The Bad
Extremely bad battery life
Very chunky and heavy