Olympus XZ-10 - A Smaller and Better XZ-2?

Launch SRP: S$548

Image Quality, Performance and Sample Images

Image Quality, Performance and Sample Images

The XZ-10 offers more manual controls and settings over your standard point-and-shoot, but also suffers from some issues that plague its sibling, the XZ-2. Shutter lag is present in the XZ-10; it’s no longer than a second but still noticeable. But then again, shutter lag is an issue common to almost all compact cameras so we wouldn’t fault the XZ-10 based on this alone.

However, the fact that the XZ-10’s display will freeze up for a second right after you snap a shot makes the shooting experience a bit more jarring than need be. Naturally, users will wonder if they managed to capture their intended shot since the shutter lag combined with the split-second screen freeze gives you a feeling that the camera wasn’t fast enough to capture the moment.

One of the biggest draws of the XZ-10 is its ability to shoot at f/1.8, which not only allows for a more shallow depth-of-field but also allows a faster shutter speed to be used in low light situations. Many will be hoping for at least an acceptable quality of bokeh effect, since it is impossible to get the high-quality background blur achieved with a DSLR camera and quality optics.

Achieving a blurred background is possible with the XZ-10, though the right factors have to be in place.

The XZ-10 scores a respectable 2000LPH (horizontally and vertically) in our resolution test - identical to the XZ-2. In terms of low light performance, do remember that the size of the aperture continues to play a part in the image sharpness, so while you are able to shoot in low light without the use of a tripod due to the large aperture, this also results in a shallower depth-of-field. This, combined with the XZ-10’s noise reduction, will usually result in an image that displays some smudging and detail loss. Unless you’re intending to produce large prints of your images though, the loss of detail is usually not very noticeable at lower resolutions.

At lower resolutions it's difficult to discern the noise and detail loss.


Sample Photographs

These are sample photographs shot with the Olympus XZ-10. The photos have not been post-processed and are copyright to SPH Magazines. They are provided for your reference only and we ask that you do not reproduce them elsewhere. Click for the full-resolution images.

f/2.5 at 62mm, 1/250sec, ISO100

f/2 at 38mm, 1/160sec, ISO100

f/2.5 at 26mm, 1/160sec, ISO100

f/5 at 26mm, 1/4sec, ISO800

The Good
Compact and solid build quality
Has manual controls
Customizable Fn button
Automatic lens cover
The Bad
Display momentarily freezes after each shot
Slight shutter lag
No hot shoe port
Battery can only be charged in-camera

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