Olympus PEN E-PL3 - The LITE Sibling

Launch SRP: S$998

Image Performance

Image Performance

The EP-3 and the E-PL3 might differ in terms of aesthetics but they share the same sensor and internals – both come with a 12.3-megapixel CMOS sensor, the latest TruePic VI image processing engine and a 35-point AF system (full specs listing). Needless to say, they are identical in terms of performance.

Compared to its E-PL2 predecessor, the E-PL3 sports a better processor, better AF system and higher ISO capabilities over its predecessor but retains useful traits like an in-camera raw conversion and art filters.

Like the E-P3, the E-PL3 scores a decent resolution score of 1800 x 1600 LPH (vertical and horizontal) on our charts with images that are detailed and defined. However, its ISO performance takes a slight beating – things are fine and clean till ISO800, with smudging of details and noise making an appearance from ISO1600 onwards. We don’t recommend shooting above that as the image quality starts to take a huge dip right after – at ISO12800, images are barely usable. Otherwise, there are plenty of positive things to like: color production is brilliant, and auto-focusing is speedy and accurate.

The Good
Sleek and slim design
Fast and accurate AF system
Vivid color production
Tiltable LCD screen
The Bad
Image noise starts to show above ISO800
No built-in flash (but add-on is provided)
No hand grip