Olympus PEN E-PL2 - Better in Every Way

Launch SRP: S$898

Image Performance

Image Performance

The Dramatic Tone look, originally introduced in the Olympus E-5 DSLR camera, has been added to the Art Filter list, and makes everyday photos look apocalyptic. The purist in us nags that we shouldn't shoot in anything but uncompressed RAW, but we just couldn't help playing with the various Art Filters which add another dimension of fun to shooting.

They do slow down the camera somewhat, especially when processing, so be prepared. Another oddity is that during the initial two-second preview, some of the photos aren't shown with the effects applied (as in the Diorama Art Filter), you have to go to the Play screen to see the filtered image.

Resolution measures a high 2000 x 2000 LPH (lines per picture height) on our resolution chart, similar to the E-PL1. Shooting in JPEG resulted in colors looking strong and vividly saturated, but not unpleasantly so. ISO performance, like other MFT (Micro Four Thirds) cameras, seems to peak at ISO800 for the best balance between high ISO, image noise and image sharpness. From then onwards, images start to show some softness although ISO1600 is still relatively clean and usable. Pushing it any higher, image noise starts to become more apparent, peaking at ISO3200 for our maximum comfort.

The Good
New control wheel makes manual control easier
Larger LCD with higher resolution
Good ISO performance
Fast and accurate auto-focus
The Bad
Interface menu could be more user-friendly