NZXT Switch 810 Special Edition - A Hybrid Giant

Launch SRP: S$299

Internal Design

Internal Design

Peeling the side panels open, we are greeted by the Switch 810’s cavernous interior, which is not surprisingly actually if you think about the casing’s humongous dimensions. Also, the motherboard tray is full of openings and cutouts for cable management. Lastly, the motherboard tray is capable of accommodating the larger E-ATX and XL-ATX form factor motherboards as well.

As for installing components, optical drives are installed simply by sliding them into the drive bay and locking them into place like you would on any other decent casing. Installing hard drives is equally straightforward but because of the the Switch 810’s unique internal fans, this requires users to install their hard drives from the opposite side. Installing regular 3.5-inch hard drives is a tool-less affair requiring you to simply use the provided installation racks, but smaller 2.5-inch SSDs would require you to manually screw the SSD to the rack.

The motherboard tray has been nicely marked out for the various motherboard form factors, but you would need your screwdriver here because installing the motherboard requires the use of regular standoffs and screws. Once the motherboard is in place, you’ll find that there’s plenty of cutouts in the tray for routing your cables. There’s also a fair amount of space behind the motherboard tray and around the tray so overall cable management should not be a problem.

As befits the Switch 810's "hybrid" billing, there's tons of space within the casing itself to install radiators for liquid-cooling. Users can choose to either install radiators at the top of the casing, or at the bottom, or if they prefer, outside the casing as well.

Overall, installation is fairly straightforward stuff and is what we would expect from an enthusiast grade casing. One minor gripe is that the thumbscrews of the casing are done rather tightly, such as the ones that secure the side panels and expansion bay slots, and requires a screwdriver to undo (at least upon initial usage). Other than that, the Switch 810 has a well-designed and spacious interior that would surely please most users.

The internals of the Switch 810 is simply humongous. There's really no other word to describe it. 

There are three 5.25-inch drive bays for optical devices or even mounting internal storage RAID units. The fourth drive bay is a hot swappable dock that can be used with a regular 3.5-inch hard drive or a 2.5-inch SSD.

Below the optical drive bays and attached to the side of the hard drive cage is a single internal fan that can be tilted to direct more air towards the CPU area. The case comes with a single internal fan with the option for users to add another at the side of the second hard drive cage below.

Because of the unique internal fans, hard drives need to be installed from the other side of the case.

Installation of hard drives is dead simple. Slip it into the bracket and slide the drive in and you are good to go.

The PSU bay has unusually large rubber feets to reduce vibration.
Installation of expansion bay devices such as graphics cards require you to undo thumbscrews. Seen are are also the four grommets for liquid-cooling setups.

Even with our motherboard installed along with a large 11-inch Radeon HD 3870 X2 graphics cards, there's still tons of space.

The Good
Enormous casing with tons of space
Competitive price
Sturdy construction
USB 3.0 via headers
The Bad
Extremely heavy
Thumbscrews are tough to undo
Somewhat illogical power button placement
"Plastic" look

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