NZXT Switch 810 Special Edition - A Hybrid Giant

Launch SRP: S$299

External Design

External Design

On the outside, the Switch 810 cuts an imposing figure. The casing stands at close to 60cm tall and tips the scales at a hefty 14.42kg thanks to the use of heavier SECC steel and plastics in its construction. That said, the Switch 810 does feel pretty sturdy and solidly-built.

Our special edition Switch 810 comes with matte black finish which gives the casing a solemn, if somewhat dull look. For those who like showing off, the right panel features a humongous clear window that lets users display their components in all its glory. The matte finish doesn't reflect light, so for those who are looking for something that’s more eye-catching or, for lack of a better word, bling, NZXT has the Switch 810 available in regular glossy black and white too. For fans of Star Wars, the white Switch 810 is the one you want, because its combination of white and black accents gives it a Stormtrooper-look which we find highly appealing.



The Good
Enormous casing with tons of space
Competitive price
Sturdy construction
USB 3.0 via headers
The Bad
Extremely heavy
Thumbscrews are tough to undo
Somewhat illogical power button placement
"Plastic" look