NVIDIA GeForce GTX Titan - The King of Kepler Tested

Crysis Warhead & Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Results

Crysis Warhead

For our first gaming benchmark we'll be using DX10 game Crysis Warhead. While it's getting a bit old, it does feature a fairly heavy amount of tessellation, making it a good starting point for testing the Titan.

The Titan showed it performs just as well for actual games, again outperforming the GTX 680 by about 55-60% while trailing the GTX 690 by just 15%.



Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Results

While Battlefield: Bad Company 2's DX11 Frostbite 1.5 engine is usually a fair test of a GPU’s geometry shading power, it was just no match for the powerhouses we're testing today with the Titan performing just as well as both dual-GPU setups. In fact, the performance is plateauing with the more powerful cards as it likely needs a well overclocked CPU to elevate the platform's performance. But with such high performance numbers to begin with, it doesn't really matter for single monitor users as any of these cards will give indistinguishable game experience - unless otherwise you can overclock your monitor's refresh rate to such high figures with Display Overclocking, but we highly doubt it. Let's move on to other gaming benchmarks.

The Good
Near to dual-GPU performance from a single GPU card
Relatively quiet operation
The Bad
Costs the same as the more powerful dual-GPU GeForce GTX 690
High power consumption

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