NVIDIA GeForce GTX 780 - A Watered-Down Titan?

Unigine 4.0 "Heaven" and Unigine "Valley" 1.0 Results

Unigine 4.0 "Heaven" Results

Our updated Unigine's "Heaven" benchmark tests GPUs with extreme tessellation, dynamic sky with volumetric clouds, real-time global illumination, and screen-space ambient occlusion among others.

The GTX 780 performed in line with expectations, outperforming the Radeon HD 7970 and the GeForce GTX 680 by as much as 50% at the lowest settings while at the highest settings, its winning margin was pared slightly to 40 per cent.



Unigine "Valley" 1.0

Valley is a new benchmark from Unigine that renders a highly detailed seamless landscape covering a total area of 64,000 square kilometers. It also utilizes dynamic sky effects, volumetric clouds, sun shafts, DOF, and ambient occlusion.

Thte GTX 780 continued to outclass both GTX 680 and the Radeon HD 7970, while it put up very respectable results that are just a stone's throw away from what the GTX Titan was capable of.


The Good
Massive improvement over GTX 680
Excellent all-round performance
Easy to overclock
Relatively quiet even at high fan speed
The Bad
Expensive compared to previous generation GTX 680 at launch
Seen as playing second fiddle to the GTX Titan