NVIDIA GeForce GTX 780 - A Watered-Down Titan?

Far Cry 3 & Hitman: Absolution Results

Far Cry 3

Far Cry 3 is running on the Dunia 2 Engine, a modified version of Crytek's CryEngine. As a result, this benchmark features heavy tessellation, high amounts of volumetric lighting, and deferred radiance transfer volumes (global illumination).

We noticed that with anti-aliasing turned off, the raw higher clockspeed of the GTX 780 puts it at an advantage over the GTX Titan; however, at 8X MSAA, the Titan pulled ahead due to more GPU compute prowess as it has 16 per cent more CUDA cores than the GTX 780. At the highest setting, the GTX 780 managed to pulled ahead by the GTX 680 and the Radeon HD 7970 by roughly 16 per cent but its 22.9 FPS (frames per second) average meant that the card hadn't enough horsepower for decent gameplay at such settings. Only the GTX 690 managed to set a average frame rate above 30 FPS.



Hitman: Absolution Results

Hitman: Absolution is another taxing benchmark that operates on IO Interactive's proprietary Glacier2 engine, a very hardware-intensive engine, which is able to render up to 1200 NPCs (non-player characters) simultaneously. It also features Reflective Shadow Mapping (RSM), Direct Compute accelerated Bokeh Depth of Field, extreme tessellation and Ambient Occlusion.

We also observed the same performance behavior of the GTX 780 when the anti-aliasing setting of the benchmark was turned off, the overall performance of the GTX 780 was very similar to the previous benchmark, Far Cry 3.

Please note that the benchmark tool of this game is far more graphically intensive than the actual story mode campaign level it is based on.


The Good
Massive improvement over GTX 680
Excellent all-round performance
Easy to overclock
Relatively quiet even at high fan speed
The Bad
Expensive compared to previous generation GTX 680 at launch
Seen as playing second fiddle to the GTX Titan

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