NVIDIA GeForce GTX 780 - A Watered-Down Titan?

Crysis 3 & Overclocking Results

Crysis 3 Results

Crysis 3 that is the sequel to Crysis 2, proves to be a graphically-intensive game just like its predecessors. It utilizes the CryEngine 3 to the extreme levels, with copious amounts of tessellation, per-pixel per-object motion blur, Bokeh Depth of Field, displacement mapping on small terrain, particle and volumetric lighting and fog shadows, improved dynamic cloth and vegetation, dynamic caustics and diffuse shadows.

Without anti-aliasing, the GTX 780 still manages to churn out average frame rates above 30 FPS even at the highest tested resolution. When more compute power is required for at 8x MSAA, the card fell behind but its performance at with anti-aliasing enabled was almost identical to the GTX Titan.



Overclocking Results

During our overclocking exercise, we ran into some performance degradation when we overclocked the video memory to its operating frequency of 6800MHz. We decreased the memory offset until we reached an operating frequency of 6248MHz, while we overclocked the GK110 chip to 1063MHz for its base clock. With this, we managed to achieve performance gains that range from about 14 to 19 per cent. Safe to say, in its overclocked state, the GTX 780 will slightly outperform a GTX Titan.


The Good
Massive improvement over GTX 680
Excellent all-round performance
Easy to overclock
Relatively quiet even at high fan speed
The Bad
Expensive compared to previous generation GTX 680 at launch
Seen as playing second fiddle to the GTX Titan

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