NVIDIA GeForce GTX 780 - A Watered-Down Titan?

3DMark 11 & 3DMark (2013)

3DMark 11 Results

We started off benchmarking the GeForce GTX 780 card with 3DMark 11, our trusty synthetic benchmark designed to test a GPU's performance at various aspects of DirectX 11 such as tessellation and DirectCompute.

The GTX 780 bested the GTX 680 by slightly over 26 per cent on Performance presets; while on the Extreme Preset, its winning margin increased to almost 35 per cent. This is in line with the company's claims stated in its marketing spiel. In comparison to its more powerful counterpart, the GTX Titan, it trailed behind almost 9 per cent on Performance preset, and it was about 11 per cent behind GTX Titan on the Extreme preset. Overall, you can tell that the GTX 780 is much closer to the Titan than the GTX 680.


3DMark (2013) Results

3DMark (2013)'s Fire Strike benchmark is Futuremark's most ambitious and technical benchmark to date utilizing a grueling two-part test with extreme levels of tessellation and volumetric illumination, as well as complex smoke simulation using compute shaders and dynamic particle illumination, while Fire Strike Extreme ramps up the difficulty with more tessellation, more particle effects and more taxing DirectCompute calculations.

As we are still updating our results on our new graphics testbed, the performance results on the GTX 690 are not available yet. That aside, the GTX 780 continued to outperform the GTX 680 while ranking just a hair behind the GTX Titan. On both tests, it was just about 4 per cent behind the Titan while its winning margin over the GTX 680 ranges from 44 to 50 per cent. The Radeon HD 7970 performed better on the updated 3DMark benchmark but still trailed the GTX 780 by margins that range from about 24 to 30 per cent.

The Good
Massive improvement over GTX 680
Excellent all-round performance
Easy to overclock
Relatively quiet even at high fan speed
The Bad
Expensive compared to previous generation GTX 680 at launch
Seen as playing second fiddle to the GTX Titan

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