Nokia Lumia 920 - Putting Photography in WP8

Launch SRP: S$899



What do we have to say about the Nokia Lumia 920? It is a great phone that can most definitely hold its fort in an industry hard-pressed to chase the latest in hardware specifications. For instance, its excellent PureMotion HD+ with its splendid 332PPI screen gives Apple's Retina Display on the iPhone 5 a run for their money; likewise, the 8.7-inch camera imbued with PureView magic might not match the Lumia 808 PureView in terms of performance but it does come very close to doing so. And that's not even factoring in its wireless charging capabilities, Nokia's tie-in with third-party brands for wireless charging products and its pool of functional Nokia-flavored apps like Drive+, Maps, Music, City Lens, Smart Shoot and Cinemagraph. Clearly, Nokia's massive efforts in making Nokia (and the Windows Phone 8 OS) relevant are admirable, but are they enough to warrant a jump from Android and iOS?

Would you put your money on the Nokia Lumia 920? We say, only if you actually like the WP8 platform.

The answer is both yes and no. The Windows ecosystem is certainly growing even though it has a couple more steps to go before it can catch up with its competitors. For one, a quick glance at the WP8 Store is telling - the presence of popular apps like Instagram or Flipboard is sorely missing (but there's hope, Angry Bird Star Wars has been made available on the platform almost as quickly as it was on iOS and Android). That said, its lack of market share and developer support will make it extremely difficult for iPhone and Android users to make that crucial jump. On the other hand, if you had previously found the WP7/7.5 experience unappetizing and confusing, it will be hard for you to be persuaded by the WP8 operating system because it, in essence, will offer the same experience, with a couple of tweaks here and there. Nonetheless, we are glad for the nifty additions that addressed shortcomings in the WP7 OS, making it all the more enticing for a new smartphone user to buy into the WP8 ecosystem.

However, if you are willing to put your money on the WP8 platform and have a little more patience, the well-designed Nokia Lumia 920 is without a doubt a very good phone to start with. As mentioned in the review, it is speedy, intuitive and beastly in its performance. Its bulk and heft (it's even heavier than the massive 5.5-inch Galaxy Note II!) might dissuade those looking for a portable phone but you certainly cannot ignore its well-constructed and classy exterior. Its below-average battery life might be of an issue for some but in light of what it has to offer with its full set of features, we could say it's a small price to pay.

For those looking specifically for a WP8 device, it's a close call between the Lumia 920 and its smaller but capable rival, the Windows Phone 8X by HTC. There's no local pricing at the moment but with a retail date fixed for early December, we expect it to be released soon. As for the rest of us looking for iOS or Android devices, these will be your best bet.

The Good
Sturdy and classy build
Gorgeous PureMotion HD+ display
Superior camera performance
Nokia app additions and wireless charging accessories
The Bad
Bulky and heavy at 185g
WP8 platform lacking enough apps
Battery life not on par with competition

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