MSI N780 Lightning GeForce GTX 780 - A Titan in Disguise?

Launch SRP: S$1070

Gaming Benchmarks - 3DMark (2013) & Crysis 3

3DMark (2013) Results

For the first test, the grueling benchmarks of the 3DMark (2013) were used; the first round was Fire Strike, with extreme levels of tessellation and volumetric illumination, as well as complex smoke simulation using compute shaders and dynamic particle illumination. With more tessellation, more particle effects and more taxing DirectCompute calculations, the Fire Strike Extreme tests will tax the cards more.

The clear winner for this benchmark is the MSI N780 Lightning in comparison with the other custom GTX 780 cards, with a winning margin in the range of 5- to slightly over 9%. This is expected as the winning card has a generously overclocked GPU. For the Fire Strike test, it was just a hair's breadth away from surpassing the GeForce GTX Titan. It managed to achieve a razor thin win over the Titan for the Fire Strike Extreme tests and we assume that this was just a lucky win by the N780 Lightning. In comparison with the AMD Radeon HD 7970, the N780 Lightning was approximately 29% better.


Crysis 3 Results

Besides gauging the performance of the card for artificial benchmarks, we also attempted to determine their performance for the graphically demanding game, Crysis 3. The MSI N780 Lightning emerged as the resounding winner in terms of in-game performance. It even managed to keep ahead of the GTX Titan by a thin margin of roughly 1%. Even at the lower resolution. the AMD card failed to maintain its average frame rate above 30fps.

The Good
Overall strong performance
Good overclocking performance
Quality build components, including Military Class IV ones
Excellent custom cooling system
The Bad
Slightly pricey
GPU Reactor may be in the way for SLI configurations

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