LG W2363D Monitor - Full HD 3D Gaming


3D Gaming on Your Monitor

With 3D capabilities becoming more mainstream in the recent year, 3D-capable monitors have been slowly but steadily introduced in the market. The LG W2363D might not be first one at the forefront of 3D-capable HD monitors, but it gives the 3D gaming hungry crowd another option to look at.  We take a look at this 23-inch monitor, testing it on both standard and 3d gaming usage to see how it would fare.

The LG W2363D Monitor


The LG W2363D monitor isn't eye-catching, and neither is it very trendy, in terms of design. In fact, it's rather bulky for monitors of its class, and has a non-descript angular form. If you were to display it in a row with other monitors, there's little to differentiate it. Like most monitors, it comes with the typical glossy black sheen which is easily dirtied by fingerprints.

Following a cut-and-dried design, the LG W2363D monitor looks like one of the crowd. Not a good thing.

As in most cases, the assemblage process out of the box is as simple as A-B-C - simply slot the neck into the hole of the base, and twist the lock at the bottom. We encountered no difficulties while setting up the monitor, but admittedly, the base doesn't seem very stable. To rectify this, do exercise extra care to ensure that the lock is fastened tightly and securely.

The lock at the bottom keeps the base fastened and secure, so make sure that you have tightened it firmly.

As mentioned beforehand, the setup is still slightly wobbly, but it is definitely not a deal breaker. As with most monitors, the W2363D can be made to tilt back about 20 degrees, but it doesn't have additional features like swiveling or height adjustment. For a 3D-capable monitor, the presence of these design aspects are especially imperative as they can contribute to a more conducive 3D gaming experience.

Next, we observed that the placement of ports are pretty haphazard, with only the DVI-D and Audio (In/Out) ports placed right at back of the monitor. Unlike most monitors, LG has separated the ports instead of consolidating them in one spot. Take for example, its two HDMI ports are situated on the right side of the monitor while the headphone jack is at the end of the monitor's frame. While this arrangement of ports is catered for ease of use and practicality, cable management will be cumbersome. Not only that, the design makes the monitor look a tad bulky, with the circular ends of its frame sticking out rather prominently.

DVI-D and Audio (In/Out) ports at the back as per normal...

... with two HDMI ports stealthily hidden in a side "pocket".

Not all monitors offer a headphone jack, so we are quite glad that the W2363D does. Sound quality might not be excellent, but it is designed more for the convenience of users.

The Good
Comes with 2 HDMI ports
Simple and straightforward GUI
Decent 3D performance
Decent video playback and color reproduction
The Bad
Haphazard port placement
Unresponsive touch controls
No swivel and height adjustments

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