Intel Core i7-3770K - A Performance Analysis

Results - 3ds Max 8 (SP2) & Futuremark 3DMark Vantage

Results - 3ds Max 8 (SP2)

The Light Tracer is a less-taxing renderer and Intel i7-3770K processor only managed to pull ahead of the Sandy Bridge CPUs by a margin of under 10%. It lost to Intel Core i7-3820 by just over 4.6%. The difference among the Sandy Bridge-E based CPUs and the Intel I7-3770K processor was just a few percentage points (less than 1% to slightly over 3%) when using the more strenuous Radiosity renderer, underscoring the strengths of the new Ivy Bridge processor under load.


Results - Futuremark 3DMark Vantage

The Overall Score of this benchmark doesn't reveal much about the capabilities of the CPUs, with their scores almosting flat-lining - further affirming that this is a purely graphics card heavy benchmark. The CPU scores reveal the strengths and weaknesses of the Ivy Bridge processor. It pulled ahead of the Sandy Bridge-based chips, beating the more powerful Intel i7-2700K by a margin of almost 4%. It trailed behind the Sandy Bridge-E camp, behind the Intel i7-3820 by a just 1.81%. (We are using the score when the memory module were ran at their rated clock frequency of 1600MHz; the 'slower' memory clock run was accompanied with tighter memory timings which triggered better overall CPU performance in this test).


The Good
Relatively good performance
Power efficiency has improved
Easier to overclock
Integrated 16-lane PCIe 3.0 controller
The Bad
No major architectural changes in CPU
Integrated graphics performance could be better

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