HP Z1 All-in-One Workstation - The Stylish & Upgradeable Workhorse

The HP Z1

The HP Z1

Part of the reason why HP decided to go with a large 27-inch display for the Z1 is because of the real estate it offers in terms of where to place and position the components. This is crucial because in top-spec, the Z1 uses pretty high-end components that can generate quite a bit of heat.

One of the most amazing things about the Z1 is its flexible stand. The stand allows the Z1 to be adjusted for height and tilt and is impressive because the display itself weighs close to 20kg. And as we will see later, the stand is also part of what makes the Z1 so easy to upgrade.

Peeling open the unit, we can see that the components of the Z1 are separated into four main zones so that heat can be effectively managed. In accordance to the photo below, from left to right, the four zones are the 400W power supply, Quadro graphics card, memory/storage, followed by the CPU which are all hidden and shielded behind fans and panels to keep them cool.

The Good
Sleek, lovely-looking form factor
Gorgeous 27-inch IPS display
Flexible stand
The Bad
Very expensive
No Thunderbolt interface
Quadro cards will only perform if software and drivers are optimized for it
Most Innovative Product