HP Officejet 150 Mobile All-in-One Printer - Premium Portability

Launch SRP: S$599

Speed Test, Print Quality & Conclusion

Speed Test

The HP Officejet 150's official speed specifications state that its draft print speeds are 22 pages per minute (ppm) for black and white documents and 18ppm for color documents. If you're printing normal-quality documents, the Officejet 150's official print speeds are 5ppm for mono documents and 3.5ppm for color. Of course, the actual print speeds are more modest; results are in the tables below.

For simplex and duplex print speed tests, we run the timer the moment we send the job in order to get a realistic gauge of the printer's real-world performance.

Being a portable all-in-one, won't be expecting too much in terms of speed. All portable printers offer convenience over raw power, though we were curious as to what the Officejet 150 had to offer. At normal quality, It took 1 minute 27 seconds to print out 10 pages of a black and white document, which translates to about 6.8 pages per minute. Text documents with graphics thrown in took significantly longer though, clocking in at 3 minutes and 40 seconds. In case you're wondering about photo prints, the Officejet 150 does photo prints as well, which are of reasonable quality.


Print Speed for Black & White Documents Draft Normal  Best
Total Time 0:46:61 minute 1:27:70 minutes 3:41:72 minutes
Pages per Minute 12.9 6.8 2.7


Print Speed for Color Documents Draft Normal  Best
Total Time 1:13:72 minute 3:40:00 minutes 12:15:45 minutes
Pages per Minute 8.1 2.7 0.8


Copy Speed Black & White Documents  Color Documents
Total Time 3:22:22 minutes 5:32:89 minutes

*For the copy test, we had the Officejet 150 make 10 copies of a single-page document.

Scan Speed Scan to PC (B&W) Scan to PC (Color)
Total Time 1:35:16 minute 1:39:76 minute


Print Quality

The HP Officejet 150 is capable of print and scan resolutions of up to 600 x 600 dpi. Unfortunately, you cannot select the quality for your scans; we can only assume that it is set to the maximum of 600 dpi. For copies, users can select between normal and best settings, though users are unable to set the dpi for copies as well.

While the Officejet 150's speed may disappoint some, it does fare better when it comes to print quality. Print quality for text documents is good; there will be no problems handing out business documents at a meeting or presentation. Like-wise, documents with graphics are of a reasonably good quality as well, though of course the Officejet 150 can't compete with the performance of a desktop inkjet or office laserjet printer, so do gauge your expectations accordingly.

B&W Print Quality (Draft Mode) B&W Print Quality (Best Mode)


B&W Print Quality (Normal Mode) Copy Quality


Color Print Quality (Draft Mode) Color Print Quality (Best Mode)


Color Print Quality (Normal Mode) Copy Quality


Photo Scan




The HP Officejet 150 is a unique 'mobile' device. While portable/mobile printers may not be new, the Officejet 150 is the only portable printer to include a scanner and thus elevating it to a portable AIO inkjet printer status. Output quality is generally good enough for business documents and if you intend to do a bit of scanning or copying on the road, then the manual feeding nature of the Officejet 150 shouldn't be a huge issue. Build quality is good as well and of course as a mobile solution, it takes up a reasonably small amount of space. 

However, the convenience the Officejet 150 offers comes at a premium with it costing S$599. And if you need documents in a hurry, the Officejet 150 is, unfortunately, not the fastest of printers. There's also limited ports if you're looking for more connectivity options. Being a portable printer, we did expect the Officejet 150 to support HP's ePrint mobile printing solution, but since the Officejet 150 sadly excludes built-in Wi-Fi, it would have been redundant to include this feature. But if you can overlook the limited print speed and output quality of the Officejet 150 and often wished you had a printer and scanner with you on the road, then the Officejet 150 is a viable solution, albeit a pricey one. If you can live without the scanner, do take a look at the older Officejet 100, which retails at S$499.

The Good
Has a scanner unit
Print quality is good for a portable printer
Portable and has a battery pack
The Bad
Manual feeding of originals for scan/copy
Limited connectivity options
No Wi-Fi and mobile print functions

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