Fujifilm XF1 - X Marks the Spot

Launch SRP: S$699



With good image quality and a fast lens, the XF1 is a capable addition to Fujifilm's X-series. It will definitely appeal to fans of Fujifilm's X-series and those looking for an advanced compact that is somewhat different with its slim body and stylish looks. We have to say, the Fujifilm XF1 is a good-looking compact that can be easily slipped into a pocket which is not something that can be done with every advanced compact camera.  However,this also makes some design quirks of the XF1 all the more frustrating. Considering the close attention paid to the camera's design, it's disappointing that these few issues hold the XF1 back from being better.

While the method of powering on the camera by twisting its lens barrel is unique, it didn't achieve its intended purpose, which is to get the camera up and running faster than having to press a conventional power button. In fact, we found it a more cumbersome method and might prove to be a major stumbling block if you happen to be wearing gloves in winter and need to get the camera powered on. There's also the chance that you might miss a fast moving shot while trying to get it powered on. 

Having a manual zooming lens barrel is a nice touch that will appeal to those comfortable with with a DSLR, but the casual shutterbug might be less welcoming of this feature since one can't handle the camera one-handed when the need arises.

Despite these nitpicks and shortcomings, the XF1 is still a good camera from a performance, functional and design simplicity standpoint, but needs a little refinement in the handling department.


The Good
Slim and stylish body
Good image quality
The Bad
Aggressive noise reduction
Cumbersome power-on process
Manual zoom lens may not appeal to all

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