Fujifilm X10 - A Compact with Character

Launch SRP: S$999

Image Performance IV - Super Macro

Image Performance IV - Super Macro

Another interesting aspect of the X10 is its ability to shoot what it calls Super Macro, a mode which lets you shoot even closer than the normal Macro mode, at just a distance 1cm away from your subject. It can be difficult to focus that close though, and you have to be precise, as almost everything else away from that focal point will be blurred. It adds an additional option to your photography and we're confident macro enthusiasts will have fun with the X10.

This is as close as you can get shooting with the X10's Macro mode.

This is how much closer you can get using the X10's Super Macro mode, which lets you shoot as close as 1cm away from your subject. Accurate focus can be difficult to achieve at this distance though.

Another sample shot using the X10's Macro mode. This is the closest we could get, focusing on the dog model's face, shooting at the widest 28mm.

This is how close we could shoot using the Super Macro mode, again at the widest 28mm focal length.

The Good
Excellent clarity & low-noise images
Beautiful design & build quality
Fast & bright f/2-2.8 lens
The Bad
Slow & inaccurate auto-focus
Image distortion at wide focal lengths
Low battery life
'White orb' artifact in some images
Most Innovative Product

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