Fujifilm X10 - A Compact with Character

Launch SRP: S$999



Updated (27/2/12): We have updated our review of the X10 to mention the 'white orb' artifact, specifically the Image Distortion and Conclusion pages.

Fujifilm scored a huge hit in early 2011 with the retro-inspired X100. Inspired by its success, Fujifilm is back with the X10, a compact camera resembling the X100. With the X10's distinctive looks and impressive specs, will Fujifilm be able to catch lightning in a bottle once again?

While the X10 and the X100 are both bringing the retro back, there are distinct differences between the two. For one, the X100 doesn't sport the large APS-C sensor found in the X100, instead it has a smaller 2/3" sensor, which still ranks as the largest sensor found among compact cameras today. Unlike the X100's lens, which had a fixed focal length, the X10's lens has a focal length of 28 - 112mm (that's in 35mm equivalent, it's a 4x optical zoom). Like the X100, the X10 has fast glass: f/2 at its widest and f/2.8 when racked out, as fast as the X100's f/2 lens and almost as fast as the Olympus XZ-1 which shoots f/1.8-2.5.

Simply put, the X10 promises premium compact camera image quality with premium design. Let's see if it measures up.

Fujifilm X10 Promotional Video

The Good
Excellent clarity & low-noise images
Beautiful design & build quality
Fast & bright f/2-2.8 lens
The Bad
Slow & inaccurate auto-focus
Image distortion at wide focal lengths
Low battery life
'White orb' artifact in some images
Most Innovative Product

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