First Looks: Samsung SGH-C140

Bare Necessities

Bare Necessities

Even if surveys indicate that most consumers, especially in mature markets, are buying phones packed with the latest features and functions such as music playing capabilities, HSDPA and Wi-Fi connectivity and of course the inevitable, ubiquitous camera, there are still a distinct minority who are impervious to the rapid changes in technology. For these consumers, it is reassuring to know that manufacturers still design mobile phones that are first and foremost phones and not a wannabe Swiss Army knife. However, this sentiment could be harder to achieve than one realizes, an example being the Samsung SGH-C140 that actually has far more features than one would expect from its entry level status.

Back To Basics

The candy bar design of the C140 puts everything required by a user up front. The phone sports a neat and clean look with its hard plastic construction, contoured edges and comes in a somber black and dark gray. On the left side of the phone is a proprietary headset port concealed with a hard plastic cover. Users may wear the C140 around the neck, thanks to a lanyard loop found on the upper left side of the phone. Weighing 69g and measuring only 104.2 x 44.2 x 16.2mm, it is definitely mobile.

In order to achieve the clean fascia, the whole front of the C140 is uniformly gray, with only the main screen missing out on the color scheme. The SGH-C140 has a 1.51-inch CSTN 65K colored LCD for a more vibrant display. The keypads are well-lit and labeled but are quite small, making SMS composition rather aggravating and difficult. In fact, a user must press the buttons carefully and accurately (especially while unlocking the keypad) in order for the key to register.

It's Not Just the Simple Life

Just because the C140 looks simple doesn’t mean that its functions are compromised. Users can access the web with its WAP 1.2 capabilities and personal information management (PIM) functions are included. In addition, the C140 has a speakerphone function, allowing a user to talk with the person on the other line hands-free.

Samsung also gives utmost importance to safety and security and that is probably the reason why the C140 has an SOS Message and a Mobile Tracker function. In times of emergency, pressing the Clear (C) button four times will automatically send an emergency message to a pre-assigned contact. As soon as the person who received the message calls back, the call will automatically be accepted. On the other hand, the Mobile Tracker sends an SMS to a pre-assigned number when the SIM card is changed, allowing a user to track down the handset’s location. All of these features make the C140 a basic mobile phone with some unexpected, extra features.

Final Thoughts

Kudos to Samsung for creating a mobile phone that redefines the term "entry-level." The Samsung SGH-C140 will definitely take care of your basic communication and organizational needs without spending a lot of money in the process. Just beware that the phone isn't very SMS friendly for heavy texting. So it's essentially a very user-friendly and functional mobile phone for light usage needs.


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