First Looks: Olympus FL-300R Electronic Flash

Launch SRP: S$258

Image Performance

Image Performance

There's more you can to do control the quality and direction of light using an external flash compared to a camera's built-in flash. What's interesting is how easy the compact FL-300R makes it for anyone to start playing with off-camera flash, when paired with a TTL-Auto compatible camera like the Olympus E-P3. The mode and intensity of both the built-in flash and the FL-300R as a remote slave can be adjusted via the E-P3's flash menu. Here are just a few samples of what we mean.

Shot using the Olympus E-P3's built-in flash. The E-P3 has filled in light pretty well here, avoiding the overpowering and harsh light of most camera flashes, but notice how flat the face looks.

Using the FL-300R attached to the E-P3, firing straight on. Not much has improved.

Firing the FL-300R attached to the E-P3, but tilted upwards so the light bounces off the ceiling. Notice how much softer the light is, because the light is diffused instead of directional.

The FL-300R fired remotely (up and to the frame's left) while the E-P3's camera flash fired as a master. The face gains even more definition because now you get a light source pointing at a different angle from the lens, creating shadows which shape the face.