First Looks: Nokia 6500 Slide

Countenance of Sophistication

Countenance of Sophistication

Nokia has just recently ushered in the piping hot Nokia 6500 slide into the proliferating market of mobile phones. It is targeted at a broader audience due to its striking stainless steel exterior and also the simple, clean classic design which is similar to the previous Nokia 6288. With that being said, the Nokia 6500 slide actually seems like a successor to the 6288 and is also positioned as the latest flagship model for the Finnish company.

Sincerity From the Heart

The most heartwarming feature that Nokia offers its consumers would be the build quality of the Nokia 6500 slide. Made and covered almost entirely in stainless steel, which includes the battery casing and soft touch keys, the phone eludes a sense of sophistication. No doubt, the Nokia 6500 slide is one of the better models that we have handled this year at its price range. Although there are still parts made up of plastic, it won't stop users from wanting to get their hands on one of the units.

When we first handled the Nokia 6500 slide, its substantial hefty weight and the smooth metal feel of the casing impressed upon us of a durable handset which would survive extended periods of usage. At 125g, it is just the right weight for portability without being burdened with a brick in your pocket. Construction is solid and a two-way spring mechanism adds durability to the slider and aiding a smooth sliding experience. There is also a not too obstructive rubber strip located just below the display screen to help with sliding traction and grip.

Sought After Classiness

Keeping the exterior clean, most of the connections are on the top end. The phone sports a regular charging port, 2.5mm audio jack plus a universal micro USB port for data connectivity. The button to pop open the battery cover is also located here. Sliding open the phone, the keypad and the control buttons on the Nokia 6500 slide are well spaced, offering excellent tactile feedback and at the same time, large enough to use comfortably even if you have chunky fingers. This feature greatly improves text messaging and also blind typing without fear of inaccuracies from pressing the wrong buttons.

The Nokia 6500 slide is one of the first phones to sport the new Series 40 5th Edition UI. Much of the core features are still similar to the familiar 3rd Edition except for enhanced Java support (specifically the JSR 248 standard). However, multi-tasking is still not available in this update. For most users, the minor improvements will probably go unnoticed except for the new unified messaging editor, where media elements, scheduling and text messaging all co-exist.

Another improvement seen is a reworked music player, which now handles video as well, making the Nokia 6500 slide a decent and capable media player. Besides music playback, the phone also supports FM radio, video playback, streaming and even has a TV-Out output (via 2.5mm jack). As with most phones, the Nokia 6500 slide relies on external flash devices to boost its storage capacity. There is a microSD slot hidden under the battery cover, but luckily, accessing it does not require removing the battery.

One of the main highlights of the Nokia 6500 slide is its 3.2-megapixel camera sporting Carl Zeiss optics. The camera also features autofocus capabilities complete with a dual-LED flash system that makes this basic Nokia model quite a powerful camera phone for its range. Added functionalities also includes support for 3G video calls and direct connection to Flickr for quick photo sharing.

Star Studded Conclusion

Although we do have a wish list of things we'd love to see in the Nokia 6500 slide, such as a multi-tasking capable platform, adjustable backlight and for the key lock to activate when the slider is closed, the Nokia 6500 slide still had us entertained for the duration of our review. From our experience, battery life is good, able to mix regular text messaging, media playback and voice calls over a period of two days on a single charge. Call quality was acceptable when we tested it out.

Combined with an updated S40 interface, media capabilities and powerful camera functions, Nokia has successfully made the Nokia 6500 slide a very unique device on its own. The only feature lacking from this mobile phone that may give one pause is the absence of WiFi. All in, the Nokia 6500 slide is a good 3G phone with a decent array of functions that would be worth every single cent spent.


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