First Looks: HTC P3600i Smartphone (With HSDPA)

Surpassing a Success

Surpassing a Success

When the Dopod D810 was introduced, it brought forth a whole world of excitement as it promised to deliver an all-rounded wireless experience for communication and data. Now, under HTC’s wing, the successor to the Dopod D810, the HTC P3600i (also known as the Trinity Plus), is all ready to surpass its predecessor. What you're looking at is the true successor to the original Dopod D810, and that means more goodies added to an already good product.

Upgrading the Mobile Experience

Considering the older Dopod D810 can be upgraded to Windows Mobile 6.0 via a free download from Dopod website, the HTC P3600i had to ship with Windows Mobile 6.0, and it did. Even so, it doesn't automatically mean the P3600i has nothing new to offer. On the contrary, the HTC P3600i comes with a faster 500MHz Samsung processor and it has 128MB more ROM than the Dopod 810, totaling 256MB. Sadly, RAM size remains at 64MB, although storage can be increased through the onboard mini-SD slot located on the right profile of the phone.

The P3600i handled well when we loaded it with multiple applications. Responsiveness did not deteriorate even with applications running in the background. The touchscreen was responsive as well. Design-wise, the P3600i follows the D810 quite closely by having a glossy black façade that is highly prone to smudges and fingerprints. Underneath, you still get to enjoy Bluetooth V2.0 with A2DP that lets you listen to your favorite tunes via a Bluetooth wireless stereo headset instead of using its propriety USB headset. Unfortunately, the P3600i doesn't offer a 3.5mm earphone jack for you to use your own earphones/headphones. The stylus, like most current Pocket PC phones, is now located at the bottom right for easy access.

GPS is integrated into the P3600i, which is a nifty feature to have around for frequent travelers and drivers. However, as in the case of the Dopod D810, GPS software is not part of the package. The software it does have are pretty much the same as the ones that came with the Dopod D810. You can expect Adobe Reader LE, Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Powerpoint) and some updated ones like Windows Live and many more. Photo imaging quality from the 2.0-megapixel camera was decent.

Making a Connection

Because the HTC P3600i is all about mobility and productivity, you will find that it comes complete with 3.5G (HSDPA) and Wi-Fi wireless connection for data communication. By signing up for a mobile broadband plan, your email and attachments that are related to office matters will go wherever you are, and let's not forget you'll have 500MHz of processing speed on tap. Although the processing speed is fast, battery life is not compromised. With Bluetooth on throughout our battery life test, we managed to get two days worth of usage with sporadic use of Wi-Fi and HSDPA for data communication.

In Conclusion

With what we have seen from the P3600i, it is safe to say that this updated iteration of the D810 is more than just a change in brand, design and ownership. Retaining the functionalities that made the D810 a big hit and updating it with Windows Mobile 6, a faster processor and a higher ROM capacity was always going to be a formula with predictable success. Tagged at a hefty price of S$1,228 (~US$804), the HTC P3600i is not cheap. However, if you didn't make the switch to the Dopod D810 when it was launched, we think the HTC P3600i would be a great way for you to spend the savings you've accumulated from then till now.


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