Ducky DK-9008 Shine Mechanical Keyboard - Glow in the Dark Duck

Launch SRP: S$169

Lights On, Lights Off

Lights On, Lights Off

One of the key selling points of the DK-9008 Shine is that the keys are backlit. There are a total of 108 keys on the keyboard, which means 108 tiny LEDs are used. The spacebar isn't spared either; it has an etched Ducky logo for the light to shine through.

Pressing Fn + F9 turns on the backlights; subsequent presses will cycle through the different modes. Fn + F10 and Fn + F11 decreases and increases the brightness levels respectively.

Here's how the keyboard looks like with the backlights off. Notice there are four additional keys on this keyboard (above the numeric keypad) and one of them is now lit. We'll explain more on these keys later.

Pressing Fn + F9 once turns on the backlights for the Escape, W, A, S, D, space, and arrow keys. This of course is useful for basic gaming needs.

The next press lights up the remaining keys except the numeric keypad on the right.

Another press and all the keys light up. Pressing Fn + F9 another time engages the pulse mode where the keys will glow from low to high intensity and pulsates rhythmically.

Instead of blue, the Caps Lock, Num Lock, and Scroll Lock keys have green backlights; and they're not affected by the Fn + F9 to F11 key presses. The green backlight only turns on when the key is activated (e.g. Caps Lock on/off).

There are five levels of brightness (excluding off). The left half of the image shows the brightness at level 2, the right half at level 5. Level 1 gives a pretty dim backlight that's barely detectable if the room lights are on. But level 2 is our favorite brightness level when room lights are off; it allows us to see the keys clearly without being too glaring.

The Good
Cherry MX Black - gamer friendly
Good construction
Useful media and shortcut keys
Key rollover: 6 (USB), full (PS/2)
The Bad

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