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Dell XPS 15 review

Dell XPS 15 - Big is Beautiful

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Overall rating 8.5/10
Long lasting battery
Good audio playback
Thick/chunky form factor

Sexy Inside

Sexy Inside

If the curvacious exterior doesn't convince you, the insides with its sexy good looks will. The 15.6-inch screen boasts pretty good viewing angles, which means sharing a movie with a friend  is easier on the eyes than a screen with poor viewing angles. The native 1366 x 768 pixels resolution seems to be the standard for notebooks of this size, though we would have loved it better i the notebook had an option for a a higher resolution screen. Meanwhile, this resolution should still be favored by those who want good legibility on these small notebook screens as its less tiring on the eyes.

You'll note that the spaciousness of this notebook has allowed Dell to put in a much nicer keyboard with good spacing and backlights for typing in the dark. It would have been more favorable if they could put a numpad though on second looks, it would seem that they were a bit short on space despite the dimensions of the laptop. As for the trackpad, we found it pretty satisfactory, with tracking and button clicks responding well.

The shining feature for the Dell notebook however, has to be its audio playback. Packed with a subwoofer located at the bottom, the XPS delivered music with very good clarity and we also found the bass to be excellent. Even at maximum volume, we didn't note any distortion on bass-heavy audio tracks. Of the 15.6-inch notebooks that we reviewed recently, the Dell XPS 15 is probably the best that we've heard.