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Cooler Master CM Force 500 review

Cooler Master CM Force 500 - The First of Its Kind

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Overall rating 6.5/10
Relatively inexpensive
Numerous cooling options, especially at its flanks
Flimsy steel construct at expansion-slot area
Only a lone bundled rear 120mm cooling fan

Interior Design (Part II)

Interior Design (Part II)

We proceeded to install our testing component parts that make up a typical system. After we screwed on the board's standoffs, we installed the board, followed by our 267mm (10.5-inch) long graphics card. We needed to bash out two expansion slot covers and during the process, we accidentally inflicted a little damage to one of the expansion slot opening's edge after we removed the first cover. Fortunately, the second one was bashed out without any incidents. From our analysis, the steel in that area is particularly thin with little support on both ends, hence it's prone to bending or accidentally damage with just a little force. Fortunately, other parts of the case isn't as prone to this issue.


After the removal of the two expansion slot covers, we proceeded to install our graphics cards. After its installation, we noted that there was a lot clearance between the card and the drive bay ahead of it. While a much larger card like a GTX 690 might be pushing it, the target audience of this case are unlikely to splurge on ultra expensive top-of-the-line graphics cards to have any conflict with the case.


Next, we proceeded to install our 3.5-inch HDD with a pair of the retaining clips; the procedure was straight-forward and the retaining clips were fastened with a quick turn of the knob.