Casio Exilim EX-Z2000: Full-fledged Point and Shoot Camera

Launch SRP: S$479

Imaging Performance

Imaging Performance 

Following in the vein of most easy-to-use point-and-shoot (PnS) cameras, the EX-Z2000's main function is to allow users to take good photos, easily. Luckily, the camera does just that - as mentioned earlier, it comes with an intuitive button layout and interface. It is extremely user-friendly, and has a couple of features that are appealing. Best of all, as mentioned earlier, it comes with ample battery life - as a point of reference, we took about 150 shots in one of the nights and the battery life indicator barely took a hit.

The EX-Z2000 is extremely fast when it comes to auto-focusing, taking less than a second to do so. Start-up is extremely speedy as well, clocking in at about 1 second. Processing speed varies across the board, with normal shots delivered speedily, and photos taken on certain best shot modes taking anywhere from 3 to 5 seconds. While shooting on the Premium Auto mode does show some improvement in the camera shots, the processing time is indecently slow, causing us to miss several golden photography opportunities.

Our test results showed that the camera's 14.1-megapixel sensor managed readings of a decent 1400 for the vertical LPH and 1100 for the horizontal LPH. Noise-wise, the camera exhibited excellent noise control - noise only shows up more prominently on ISO1600 and above. The camera is equipped with a decent range of ISO values from 64 to 3200, making low lighting shots pretty much a breeze and easy on the eyes. 

Thee resolution chart gave us readings of approximately 1400 for vertical LPH and 1100 for horizontal LPH. Click on the image for the full resolution shot.

Noise levels are handled very well for a point and shoot - photos are usable till even ISO 1600. Noise is only prominently seen from ISO 1600 and above. Otherwise, colors are well-balanced.

Generally, shots turned out well in daylight.  As a rule of thumb, night shots generally suffer from a dip in quality due to the compensation of light through ISO and slower shutter speeds, hence, resulting in grainier and blur images. This is of course, more prominent on PnS cameras as they come with smaller imaging sensors. Nonetheless, the EX-Z2000 yielded pretty good results in that department for its class of cameras. Check out more of our sample shots, including those shot at night on the next page.

Shooting at the largest aperture available at F2.8, photos with a bokeh effect can be achieved. Shot at F2.8, ISO400.

Shot at F2.8, ISO1600.

A fun part of the shooting experience on the EX-Z2000 is that it comes with 40 Best Shot modes, allowing us to experiment with interesting presets like Water Color, Business Cards and Documents, and Oil Painting.

 Shot using the Crayon Best Shot mode, users can spice things up a little with some of the zany modes on the Casio EX-Z2000.

Another Best Shot mode available that allows you to take your own ID Photos in various sizes.

Besides its imaging capability, video recording and even a dedicated voice recording mode (available through the Best Shot menus are available on the camera. Video recording is possible with a maximum resolution of up to 1280 x 720 pixels.

The Good
Good noise control up to ISO 1600
Excellent battery life
Quick and accurate auto-focusing
40 Best Shot Modes
The Bad
Certain modes take too long to process
Scratch-prone surface

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