Bringing 3D to Your Homes - NVIDIA GeForce 3D Vision

A Taste of 3D

A Taste of 3D

In reviewing the GeForce 3D Vision kit, there are certain limitations to what we can do, chief amongst which is how we can show you the true 3D effect of the 3D Vision kit. We busted our heads, but there's simply no conceivable way of showing to you just how good the 3D visuals are, so we're sorry, but you'll have to make do with photos.

We've tested the GeForce 3D Vision by watching a simple 3D stereoscopic test video, and then playing Left 4 Dead, the popular zombie-survival game.

Watching the 3D stereoscopic test video, we were immediately impressed by the stunning visuals offered by the GeForce 3D Vision kit. The words really seem to float towards you, and as they spun about, they really looked as if they were spinning right in front of you. What's more amusing was when we got passers-by to give it a go, many of them actually tried to reach out and touch the visuals.

But that was not all. We were even more flabbergasted when playing the shooter Left 4 Dead. The zombies will, quite literally, leap out at you, and it really feels as if you are being surrounded and supported by your team mates as you make way through the game's zombie-infested levels. However, as we've mentioned, 3D visuals can vary from game to game. While Left 4 Dead was brilliant, Crysis (rated "Good") was less so. With 3D Vision activated, there were some obvious clipping issues and visual artifacts. Additionally, the 3D effect wasn't as pronounced.